Plants -the growing green stuff

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Spooky Plants
Spooky Plants ECby Alcyone 626 plays 11p Image Quiz
Medicines from Plants
Medicines from Plants by chewymarley 666 plays 9p Image Quiz
Amazing Plants
Amazing Plants by sdvieira 526 plays 9p Image Quiz
Plantea: Diversity of plants (1)
Plantea: Diversity of plants (1) ECby heateh 206 plays 15p Image Quiz
Horse Plants (Part 1)
Horse Plants (Part 1) by syrahthebrave 375 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Horse Plants
Horse Plants by syrahthebrave 261 plays 11p Shape Quiz
Flags With Plants
Flags With Plants by Andrej Aleksandrovic 182 plays 13p Image Quiz
Cell organelles - plants
Cell organelles - plants by lanty slee 447 plays 13p Image Quiz
Wilde Planten (Dutch Wild Plants)
Wilde Planten (Dutch Wild Plants) by FireStorm 42 plays 38p Image Quiz
Horse Plants (Part 2)
Horse Plants (Part 2) by syrahthebrave 66 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Houseplants by toddpole 13 plays 32p Image Quiz
Plant Cell (Advanced Version)
Plant Cell (Advanced Version) by tickman 1,610 plays 23p Image Quiz
Photosynthesis by mrshapard 28,315 plays 11p Image Quiz
Hey, Bud!
Hey, Bud! by tickman 108 plays 15p Image Quiz
Stem Morphology
Stem Morphology by tickman 278 plays 37p Image Quiz
Buds (revised version)
Buds (revised version) by tickman 108 plays 13p Image Quiz
Leaf Structure
Leaf Structure by Synyster Sik 96,057 plays 10p Image Quiz
Leaf Structure
Leaf Structure by Astrithir 1,388 plays 13p Image Quiz
Plants by kelts8 67 plays 11p Multiple-Choice
Plant Systems-transport
Plant Systems-transport by tnhsmama 1,497 plays 27p Multiple-Choice
Herbs and Spices
Herbs and Spices ECby Pitschnass11 4,323 plays 15p Image Quiz
Fresh Herbs
Fresh Herbs ECby MrT 696 plays 13p Image Quiz
Indonesian herbs and spices
Indonesian herbs and spices by MrT 405 plays 18p Image Quiz
Fines herbes / herbs
Fines herbes / herbs by lamama 149 plays 6p Image Quiz
Herbs by freddie1967 62 plays 15p Image Quiz

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2 rgriffey 2 of 31 63% 2:29.7 m. 23 Feb, '17
3 Alcyone 1 of 31 100% 0:18.0 m. 8 Oct, '12
4 ClarkyAMC1030 1 of 31 100% 0:21.4 m. 21 Feb, '19
5 mrs.horan1D 1 of 31 69% 0:37.8 m. 29 Nov, '12
6 swampcroco 1 of 31 55% 6:59.6 m. 29 Apr, '13
7 mad_scientist 1 of 31 47% 0:58.9 m. 29 Jan, '13

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