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Vocal Folds and Ligaments
Vocal Folds and Ligaments by MegKrar 270 plays 5p Image Quiz
Upper respiratory System
Upper respiratory System by barb8908 81,451 plays 17p Image Quiz
Major systemic veins pt 1
Major systemic veins pt 1 by tsenaku 9,873 plays 26p Image Quiz
Blood Vessels - Arteries in leg
Blood Vessels - Arteries in leg by JustBrumley 8,100 plays 4p Image Quiz
UCCS Lymphatic System Labeling
UCCS Lymphatic System Labeling by cnate09 39,007 plays 12p Image Quiz
UCCS Lymph Node Anatomy
UCCS Lymph Node Anatomy by cnate09 8,133 plays 10p Image Quiz
Blood cells
Blood cells by Descartes 61,013 plays 9p Image Quiz
Heart - Anterior Gross Anatomy
Heart - Anterior Gross Anatomy by Sheryll 17,920 plays 26p Image Quiz
ECG recording
ECG recording by crysthall 229 plays 7p Image Quiz
Upper Respiratory Tract
Upper Respiratory Tract by asmollen 6,487 plays 7p Image Quiz
Abdominal Muscles
Abdominal Muscles by sonkien 28,078 plays 8p Image Quiz
Pulse Points
Pulse Points by beartrapperkeeper 3,420 plays 9p Image Quiz
The Electrocardiogram (ECG)
The Electrocardiogram (ECG) ECby Snaekie_ 1,997 plays 6p Image Quiz
Identify major abdominal arteries
Identify major abdominal arteries by deanne1480 3,162 plays 15p Image Quiz
Luthy - Artery Wall
Luthy - Artery Wall ECby cluthy 2,690 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Luthy - Vein Wall
Luthy - Vein Wall by cluthy 2,607 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Circle of willis model
Circle of willis model by oddielin 37 plays 13p Image Quiz
Blood vessel anatomy
Blood vessel anatomy by oddielin 16 plays 7p Image Quiz
abdominal vessels
abdominal vessels by oddielin 28 plays 14p Image Quiz
respiratory bronchioles
respiratory bronchioles by oddielin 64 plays 5p Image Quiz
larynx model
larynx model by oddielin 335 plays 7p Image Quiz
pulmonart blood vessels
pulmonart blood vessels by oddielin 7 plays 15p Image Quiz
ECG recordings
ECG recordings by oddielin 68 plays 5p Image Quiz
abdominal veins and arteries model
abdominal veins and arteries model by oddielin 170 plays 16p Image Quiz
Big heart anatomy
Big heart anatomy by oddielin 16 plays 22p Image Quiz
Big Heat model
Big Heat model by oddielin 27 plays 22p Image Quiz
middle heart model
middle heart model by oddielin 11 plays 28p Image Quiz
Major systemic arteries pt 2
Major systemic arteries pt 2 by tsenaku 3,198 plays 8p Image Quiz
Major Systemic Arteries pt 1
Major Systemic Arteries pt 1 by tsenaku 52,697 plays 25p Image Quiz
lymphatic system lower body
lymphatic system lower body by JustBrumley 137 plays 5p Image Quiz

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