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lista contine quizuri legate de geografia continentului african

capitalele din Africa (Cls.VII)
capitalele din Africa (Cls.VII) by geomelinda 169 plays 49p Image Quiz
Test Africa pentru Terra (clasa VII-a)
Test Africa pentru Terra (clasa VII-a) by geomelinda 270 plays 25p Multiple-Choice
Capitalele din Africa (clasa VII-a)
Capitalele din Africa (clasa VII-a) by geomelinda 203 plays 53p Matching Game
Relieful Africii (nivel avansat)
Relieful Africii (nivel avansat) by geomelinda 6,662 plays 29p Image Quiz
Țărmul Africii -nivel avansat
Țărmul Africii -nivel avansat by geomelinda 1,545 plays 29p Image Quiz
Africa țărm
Africa țărm by geomelinda 724 plays 21p Multiple-Choice
Lacurile Africii
Lacurile Africii by geomelinda 335 plays 12p Image Quiz
Apele Africii (nivel avansat)
Apele Africii (nivel avansat) by geomelinda 1,236 plays 22p Image Quiz
tipuri climatice Africa
tipuri climatice Africa by geomelinda 994 plays 9p Image Quiz
”doar” 25 de state africane
”doar” 25 de state africane by geomelinda 441 plays 25p Image Quiz
”doar” 15 state africane
”doar” 15 state africane by geomelinda 556 plays 15p Image Quiz
cele mai mai orașe din Africa
cele mai mai orașe din Africa by geomelinda 269 plays 15p Image Quiz
Physical Features of Africa
Physical Features of Africa by bmcgurk 538 plays 22p Image Quiz
Physical Features of Africa
Physical Features of Africa by Mrs. Jones 926 plays 21p Image Quiz
”doar ”20 capitale din Africa
”doar ”20 capitale din Africa by geomelinda 411 plays 20p Image Quiz
Capitalele Africii doar 20
Capitalele Africii doar 20 by geomelinda 267 plays 21p Matching Game
Africa de Sud
Africa de Sud by geomelinda 218 plays 21p Image Quiz
Hidrografia Africii
Hidrografia Africii by geomelinda 1,118 plays 23p Image Quiz
Africa mixt 1
Africa mixt 1 by geomelinda 73 plays 20p Image Quiz
Africa mixt 2
Africa mixt 2 by geomelinda 60 plays 20p Image Quiz
Africa mixt 3
Africa mixt 3 by geomelinda 54 plays 19p Image Quiz
Concurs Terra clasa VII-a partea I
Concurs Terra clasa VII-a partea I by geomelinda 46 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Africa images Fradel
Africa images Fradel by jsm11 127 plays 16p Image Quiz
Principalele orase din Africa
Principalele orase din Africa by geomelinda 338 plays 15p Image Quiz
Relieful Africii
Relieful Africii by geomelinda 343 plays 11p Multiple-Choice
Hidrografia Africii: lacurile
Hidrografia Africii: lacurile by geomelinda 226 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Hidrografia Africii: fluvii
Hidrografia Africii: fluvii by geomelinda 276 plays 17p Multiple-Choice
Populația Africii
Populația Africii by geomelinda 99 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
orașele din Africa
orașele din Africa by geomelinda 94 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Statele Africii
Statele Africii by geomelinda 106 plays 25p Multiple-Choice
doar 7 râuri din Africa
doar 7 râuri din Africa by geomelinda 286 plays 7p Image Quiz
Clima Africii
Clima Africii by geomelinda 14 plays 16p Matching Game

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