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All kinds of inventions and devices, from the simple to the complex.

Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine ECby tickman 7,676 plays 13p Image Quiz
Windmill (old style)
Windmill (old style) by tickman 142 plays 21p Image Quiz
Hydropower I : the Dam
Hydropower I : the Dam by tickman 13,818 plays 9p Image Quiz
Oil Well
Oil Well by tickman 2,383 plays 15p Image Quiz
Oil Well (Advanced Version)
Oil Well (Advanced Version) by tickman 88 plays 32p Image Quiz
Ramjet Engine
Ramjet Engine by tickman 522 plays 8p Image Quiz
Scramjet Engine
Scramjet Engine by tickman 407 plays 6p Image Quiz
Motorjet Engine
Motorjet Engine by tickman 359 plays 8p Image Quiz
Pulsejet Engine
Pulsejet Engine by tickman 240 plays 11p Image Quiz
Stirling Engine (Beta Type)
Stirling Engine (Beta Type) by tickman 250 plays 13p Image Quiz
De Rivaz Engine & Carriage
De Rivaz Engine & Carriage ECby tickman 250 plays 16p Image Quiz
Steam Engine
Steam Engine by tickman 596 plays 13p Image Quiz
Wankel Rotary Engine
Wankel Rotary Engine by tickman 806 plays 15p Image Quiz
Model Rocket: a General Schematic
Model Rocket: a General Schematic ECby tickman 281 plays 10p Image Quiz
V-2 Rocket
V-2 Rocket by tickman 405 plays 17p Image Quiz
Coal-Fired Power Plant
Coal-Fired Power Plant by tickman 1,408 plays 27p Image Quiz
Steam Locomotive
Steam Locomotive by tickman 670 plays 47p Image Quiz
Grist (Grain) Mill
Grist (Grain) Mill ECby tickman 202 plays 14p Image Quiz
Millstone ECby tickman 111 plays 10p Image Quiz
Oil Rig (Drilling Rig)
Oil Rig (Drilling Rig) ECby tickman 3,292 plays 28p Image Quiz
Light-Emitting Diode (LED)
Light-Emitting Diode (LED) ECby tickman 1,037 plays 10p Image Quiz
Axe Terminology
Axe Terminology ECby tickman 445 plays 14p Image Quiz
Vacuum Insulated Evaporator
Vacuum Insulated Evaporator ECby tickman 213 plays 13p Image Quiz
Early Aeronautics
Early Aeronautics by tickman 157 plays 8p Image Quiz
Helicopter Anatomy
Helicopter Anatomy by tickman 429 plays 19p Image Quiz
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter by tickman 82 plays 16p Image Quiz
How to Make Aluminum
How to Make Aluminum by tickman 147 plays 13p Image Quiz
Fuel Injector
Fuel Injector by tickman 197 plays 12p Image Quiz
Carburetor by tickman 504 plays 14p Image Quiz
Zinc-Carbon Dry Cell Battery
Zinc-Carbon Dry Cell Battery by tickman 309 plays 12p Image Quiz
Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell by tickman 351 plays 9p Image Quiz
Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble Space Telescope by tickman 414 plays 22p Image Quiz
Hard Drive
Hard Drive by tickman 899 plays 9p Image Quiz
Ion Drive (Hall Effect Thruster)
Ion Drive (Hall Effect Thruster) by tickman 157 plays 9p Image Quiz
Ruby Laser
Ruby Laser by tickman 279 plays 10p Image Quiz
Micrometer by tickman 9,556 plays 8p Image Quiz
Vernier Caliper
Vernier Caliper ECby tickman 8,932 plays 8p Image Quiz
The Joy of Sextant
The Joy of Sextant by tickman 757 plays 11p Image Quiz
Loom by tickman 104 plays 17p Image Quiz
Grand Piano
Grand Piano ECby tickman 320 plays 16p Image Quiz
Grand Piano Mechanism
Grand Piano Mechanism ECby tickman 318 plays 20p Image Quiz
Submarine Communications Cable
Submarine Communications Cable by tickman 278 plays 8p Image Quiz
Block and Tackle
Block and Tackle ECby tickman 350 plays 18p Image Quiz
Hand Pump
Hand Pump by tickman 199 plays 14p Image Quiz
Cone Clutch
Cone Clutch ECby tickman 417 plays 7p Image Quiz
Abrams Tank (Basic Features)
Abrams Tank (Basic Features) by tickman 113 plays 21p Image Quiz

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3 Vinko Tokić 4 of 70 88% 1:06.0 m. 10 Jan, '16
4 aarmistead 2 of 70 66% 3:52.6 m. 28 Aug, '19
5 Jonas 1 of 70 100% 0:08.4 m. 4 Mar, '15
6 GEH 1 of 70 100% 0:11.6 m. 28 May, '18
7 Cyril 1 of 70 100% 0:16.6 m. 4 Apr, '13
8 smellpepper 1 of 70 100% 0:23.8 m. 22 Mar, '18

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