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Libya Flag
Libya Flag by Geographonic 609 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Cities of Libya
Cities of Libya by Geographonic 310 plays 10p Image Quiz
Libya ECby Geographonic 372 plays 49p Image Quiz
Neighbors Of Libya
Neighbors Of Libya by UP-AT123 369 plays 7p Image Quiz
Map of Flags Arab World
Map of Flags Arab World by Geographonic 1,018 plays 21p Shape Quiz
Capitals of Northern Africa
Capitals of Northern Africa by Geographonic 830 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Ethnic Groups of Libya
Ethnic Groups of Libya by Chuperca 89 plays 4p Image Quiz
10 Largest Cities of Libya
10 Largest Cities of Libya by Ashgabat 97 plays 10p Image Quiz
Governorates of Libya
Governorates of Libya ECby Omar Barghouty 183 plays 10p Image Quiz
Sister cities of Tripoli, Libya
Sister cities of Tripoli, Libya by Medellin 159 plays 6p Image Quiz
Reserve Life Years of Oil
Reserve Life Years of Oil by Geographonic 383 plays 24p Image Quiz
Oil Reserves (2011)
Oil Reserves (2011) by Geographonic 269 plays 20p Image Quiz
Outcome of Arab Spring
Outcome of Arab Spring by a. stoner 232 plays 15p Image Quiz
Sahara in Flux
Sahara in Flux by Geographonic 275 plays 20p Shape Quiz
Oasis by Geographonic 310 plays 18p Image Quiz
Sports venues in Libya
Sports venues in Libya by Bart-man 95 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Airports in Libya
Airports in Libya by Bart-man 96 plays 3p Shape Quiz
National Symbols of Libya
National Symbols of Libya by ktreenbean13 386 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Port Cities of Libya
Port Cities of Libya by KENOR 58 plays 14p Image Quiz
POI of Libya
POI of Libya by ktreenbean13 131 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Italian Empire in 1940
Italian Empire in 1940 ECby Geographonic 437 plays 10p Image Quiz
Italian Empire in 1914
Italian Empire in 1914 ECby Geographonic 414 plays 8p Image Quiz

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2 pemo 2 of 28 100% 0:10.4 m. 8 Mar, '13
3 The Notorious B.I.G. 1 of 28 100% 0:09.7 m. 1 Oct, '21

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