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Here, you can learn French thanks to my games. Enjoy :)

Colors in French
Colors in French ECby Poloazer 30,888 plays 8p Image Quiz
Ant war (French)
Ant war (French) by Poloazer 14,288 plays 3p Image Quiz
Moon and Bird in French
Moon and Bird in French by Poloazer 6,736 plays 2p Image Quiz
Numbers in French
Numbers in French by Poloazer 6,577 plays 12p Image Quiz
Face in French
Face in French by Poloazer 830 plays 11p Image Quiz
Table different in French
Table different in French by Poloazer 719 plays 4p Image Quiz
French Human Body
French Human Body by Poloazer 2,717 plays 15p Image Quiz
Japan in French
Japan in French by Poloazer 224 plays 13p Image Quiz
World in French
World in French by Poloazer 65 plays 108p Image Quiz
Some Animals (in French)
Some Animals (in French) by Poloazer 45 plays 14p Image Quiz
Four Seasons (in French)
Four Seasons (in French) by Poloazer 734 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Chess Pieces (in French)
Chess Pieces (in French) by Poloazer 91 plays 6p Image Quiz
Zodiac Signs (in French)
Zodiac Signs (in French) ECby Poloazer 240 plays 12p Image Quiz

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2 mathaPokemon 5 of 13 100% 0:24.4 m. 19 Feb, '21
3 Jonas 5 of 13 100% 0:33.6 m. 4 Mar, '15
4 polyglotmom 5 of 13 93% 1:22.0 m. 28 Jul, '15
5 Tony Zhou 3 of 13 78% 1:15.7 m. 8 Dec, '21

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