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The Latin language.

Colors in Latin
Colors in Latin by Niklas 6,949 plays 11p Image Quiz
Numerical Prefixes - Latin
Numerical Prefixes - Latin by Niklas 2,324 plays 12p Image Quiz
Latin, verbs
Latin, verbs by Niklas 833 plays 25p Image Quiz
Latin First Declension Endings
Latin First Declension Endings by a. stoner 1,673 plays 10p Image Quiz
Latin Second Declension Endings
Latin Second Declension Endings by a. stoner 183 plays 8p Image Quiz
Latin Third Declension Endings
Latin Third Declension Endings by a. stoner 1,315 plays 10p Image Quiz
Latin Fourth Declension Endings
Latin Fourth Declension Endings by a. stoner 375 plays 7p Image Quiz
Latin Fifth Declension Endings
Latin Fifth Declension Endings by a. stoner 111 plays 6p Image Quiz
The Roman Soldier (Latin)
The Roman Soldier (Latin) ECby Descartes 1,520 plays 10p Image Quiz
Latin Interrogative Pronouns
Latin Interrogative Pronouns by a. stoner 225 plays 30p Image Quiz

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