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Albums Norah Jones
Albums Norah Jones by Geographonic 122 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Albums João Gilberto
Albums João Gilberto by Geographonic 87 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Important Jazz Age Cities
Important Jazz Age Cities by jburdick 1,143 plays 20p Image Quiz
You Like Jazz?
You Like Jazz? by cgriffith 140 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
Trumpet Players
Trumpet Players by Emtiy 305 plays 11p Image Quiz
Crooners by carloscabezuelo 134 plays 9p Image Quiz
Saxophone Parts
Saxophone Parts by saxophone-guy 243 plays 17p Image Quiz
the Trumpet
the Trumpet by Wentu 378 plays 14p Image Quiz
12 Famous Vibraphone Performers
12 Famous Vibraphone Performers by Umhian 93 plays 12p Image Quiz
Music of Brazil ♪ ♫
Music of Brazil ♪ ♫ ECby Geographonic 2,556 plays 12p Image Quiz
Jazz Band!
Jazz Band! by ☮♪Cl@r@rojoB@s$( 143 plays 7p Image Quiz
The Jazz Age
The Jazz Age by nenaaboricuaa16 42 plays 25p Multiple-Choice
Jazz Band Newcomers!
Jazz Band Newcomers! by Silvester The Saxaph 40 plays 7p Image Quiz
Woodwind Instruments
Woodwind Instruments ECby Geographonic 7,671 plays 6p Image Quiz
Jazz Jackrabbit World
Jazz Jackrabbit World by JoeCamel 21 plays 16p Image Quiz
People of the Jazz Age
People of the Jazz Age by jburdick 90 plays 12p Image Quiz
great depression jazz age quix
great depression jazz age quix by hcpsingersost4 10 plays 28p Multiple-Choice
Advanced Jazz
Advanced Jazz by Kathom34 9 plays 14p Multiple-Choice
Jazz review
Jazz review by softballlrebel24 19 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Beginning Jazz terminology quiz
Beginning Jazz terminology quiz by Kathom34 21 plays 20p Multiple-Choice

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2 Vinko Tokić 3 of 22 100% 1:04.6 m. 17 Sep, '19
3 Zombifier360 1 of 22 100% 0:35.9 m. 17 Sep, '19
4 platypus 1 of 22 84% 0:39.5 m. 17 Sep, '19

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