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Jamaica by Dal 835 plays 23p Image Quiz
14 Parishes of Jamaica
14 Parishes of Jamaica by heateh 1,482 plays 14p Image Quiz
Neighbors Of Jamaica
Neighbors Of Jamaica by UP-AT123 491 plays 2p Image Quiz
Land use of Jamaica
Land use of Jamaica by tassos 257 plays 13p Image Quiz
About Jamaica
About Jamaica by missi-03 253 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
6 cities of Jamaica
6 cities of Jamaica by Medellin 216 plays 6p Shape Quiz
5 Largest Cities of Jamaica
5 Largest Cities of Jamaica by Ashgabat 221 plays 5p Image Quiz
Historic Counties of Jamaica
Historic Counties of Jamaica by UP-AT123 236 plays 3p Image Quiz
Jamaica - the quiz
Jamaica - the quiz by a. stoner 220 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Sports venues in Jamaica
Sports venues in Jamaica by Bart-man 146 plays 2p Shape Quiz
Airports in Jamaica
Airports in Jamaica by Bart-man 143 plays 2p Shape Quiz
Female Presidents 2012
Female Presidents 2012 by Geographonic 360 plays 38p Image Quiz
Rastafari Literature & People
Rastafari Literature & People by XjihadX 101 plays 9p Image Quiz
Beat Bolt!
Beat Bolt! by K o e n 5,399 plays 32p Image Quiz
Capitals of the Caribbean
Capitals of the Caribbean by Geographonic 1,351 plays 30p Multiple-Choice
The British Empire
The British Empire by Geographonic 196 plays 74p Image Quiz
Cool Runnings Roles
Cool Runnings Roles by djskilled 3 31 plays 5p Image Quiz

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