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A series of games with an international flavour

East or West?
East or West? by Rumpleteazer 85 plays 20p Image Quiz
Cities - Latitude/Longitude
Cities - Latitude/Longitude by Rumpleteazer 66 plays 14p Image Quiz
Why Do Americans?
Why Do Americans? ECby Rumpleteazer 116 plays 10p Image Quiz
Know the 'Stans'
Know the 'Stans' by Rumpleteazer 188 plays 29p Image Quiz
World Police and Fire Games
World Police and Fire Games by Rumpleteazer 104 plays 18p Image Quiz
Where Are We?
Where Are We? by Rumpleteazer 147 plays 62p Image Quiz
Oceania by Anagram
Oceania by Anagram by Rumpleteazer 93 plays 19p Image Quiz
Portland Places
Portland Places by Rumpleteazer 142 plays 28p Image Quiz
Dull & Boring
Dull & Boring ECby Rumpleteazer 402 plays 7p Image Quiz
River Geography 1
River Geography 1 by Rumpleteazer 54 plays 30p Image Quiz
River Geography 2
River Geography 2 by Rumpleteazer 29 plays 30p Image Quiz
World Facts
World Facts by Rumpleteazer 88 plays 48p Image Quiz
Douzelage by Rumpleteazer 171 plays 28p Image Quiz
Plymouth Places
Plymouth Places by Rumpleteazer 91 plays 28p Image Quiz
Top 25 Symbols Of America
Top 25 Symbols Of America ECby Rumpleteazer 669 plays 25p Image Quiz
Unusual Taxes
Unusual Taxes ECby Rumpleteazer 288 plays 23p Image Quiz
Where Are We 2?
Where Are We 2? by Rumpleteazer 85 plays 47p Image Quiz
Kurdistan Region
Kurdistan Region by Rumpleteazer 243 plays 24p Image Quiz
World Facts Matching Game 1
World Facts Matching Game 1 ECby Rumpleteazer 595 plays 6p Matching Game
World Facts Matching Game 2
World Facts Matching Game 2 by Rumpleteazer 176 plays 6p Matching Game
European Union (EU) Members
European Union (EU) Members by Rumpleteazer 308 plays 28p Matching Game
Europe Neighbours
Europe Neighbours by Rumpleteazer 85 plays 51p Image Quiz
Africa Neighbours
Africa Neighbours by Rumpleteazer 103 plays 54p Image Quiz
North America Neighbours
North America Neighbours ECby Rumpleteazer 259 plays 14p Image Quiz
South America Neighbours
South America Neighbours ECby Rumpleteazer 293 plays 14p Image Quiz
Asia Neighbours
Asia Neighbours by Rumpleteazer 81 plays 48p Image Quiz
US State Neighbours
US State Neighbours ECby Rumpleteazer 503 plays 50p Image Quiz
European Colours
European Colours by Rumpleteazer 133 plays 10p Matching Game
White Sea
White Sea by Rumpleteazer 165 plays 23p Image Quiz
European Numbers
European Numbers by Rumpleteazer 111 plays 10p Matching Game
Mountain Match
Mountain Match by Rumpleteazer 121 plays 18p Matching Game
Countries of Asia Slide Quiz
Countries of Asia Slide Quiz ECby Rumpleteazer 328 plays 25p Image Quiz
European Animals
European Animals by Rumpleteazer 43 plays 10p Matching Game
ISO Country Codes: Europe
ISO Country Codes: Europe by Rumpleteazer 161 plays 25p Matching Game
ISO Country Codes: Asia
ISO Country Codes: Asia by Rumpleteazer 87 plays 25p Matching Game
ISO Country Codes: Africa
ISO Country Codes: Africa by Rumpleteazer 59 plays 25p Matching Game
ISO Country Codes: Americas
ISO Country Codes: Americas by Rumpleteazer 80 plays 25p Matching Game
ISO Country Codes: Oceania
ISO Country Codes: Oceania by Rumpleteazer 124 plays 15p Matching Game

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1 Pacman234 12 of 51 100% 8:37.3 m. 28 Nov, '19
2 Geographonic 5 of 51 100% 6:42.7 m. 6 Sep, '19
3 smellpepper 5 of 51 100% 6:57.6 m. 7 Sep, '19
4 W.dimola 4 of 51 100% 2:30.8 m. 30 Aug, '21
5 Jonas 4 of 51 100% 3:56.1 m. 3 Mar, '18
6 sral 4 of 51 100% 5:15.6 m. 29 Feb, '16
7 Sherbs 3 of 51 100% 4:02.5 m. 14 Oct, '21
8 Rumpleteazer 1 of 51 100% 0:41.8 m. 11 Oct, '15

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