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French Numbers
French Numbers by famisamis 85,351 plays 30p Image Quiz
European Countries in French
European Countries in French ECby RonaldDerGrosse 10,524 plays 45p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet, capital letters
Greek Alphabet, capital letters ECby Niklas 55,089 plays 24p Image Quiz
Words to describe personality in French
Words to describe personality in French by Peto 2,482 plays 15p Image Quiz
Four Irregular French Verbs
Four Irregular French Verbs by Peto 6,142 plays 27p Image Quiz
French Is an Art
French Is an Art by Sabine 604 plays 34p Image Quiz
French food
French food by Peto 2,183 plays 26p Image Quiz
French breakfast
French breakfast by Peto 1,162 plays 24p Image Quiz
Textual French-English Foods
Textual French-English Foods by Sabine 409 plays 34p Image Quiz
Things to do in FRENCH
Things to do in FRENCH by Peto 1,759 plays 16p Image Quiz
Numbers in Italian
Numbers in Italian by RBC 345 plays 50p Image Quiz
World in French
World in French by Poloazer 65 plays 108p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet, small letters
Greek Alphabet, small letters ECby Niklas 13,107 plays 24p Image Quiz
European Linguistic Necessities
European Linguistic Necessities by RonaldDerGrosse 1,149 plays 76p Image Quiz
The Countries of Europe in Greek
The Countries of Europe in Greek by Beltenebros 407 plays 47p Image Quiz
French Prepositions
French Prepositions by Peto 16,963 plays 11p Image Quiz
Països d'Europa
Països d'Europa by Gemma 147 plays 42p Image Quiz
German Greetings
German Greetings by fraudooley 4,247 plays 12p Image Quiz
Pastor et oves - IX - vocabula
Pastor et oves - IX - vocabula by agamador 5,454 plays 16p Image Quiz
Die Zahlen von 1 bis 20
Die Zahlen von 1 bis 20 by kcoutlaw 2,845 plays 20p Image Quiz
Countries of Europe in North Sami
Countries of Europe in North Sami by Jonas 265 plays 47p Image Quiz
Esperanto - Vortareto 1
Esperanto - Vortareto 1 by LC 66 plays 17p Image Quiz
Europe auf Deutsch
Europe auf Deutsch by RonaldDerGrosse 7,095 plays 50p Image Quiz
Bestiolae by Iosephus Onubensis 140 plays 17p Image Quiz

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