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Historical Figures: James Cook
Historical Figures: James Cook by Rumpleteazer 173 plays 21p Image Quiz
Historical Figures: Marie Curie
Historical Figures: Marie Curie by Rumpleteazer 140 plays 19p Image Quiz
Historical Figures
Historical Figures by me10c 9 plays 19p Image Quiz
Know your dictators
Know your dictators by dailydog 6,926 plays 10p Image Quiz
Dictators ECby Niklas 3,337 plays 32p Image Quiz
10 Worst Dictators
10 Worst Dictators by UP-AT123 641 plays 10p Image Quiz
Dictators in Europe
Dictators in Europe by Nissonic 170 plays 19p Image Quiz
Dictatorship in Europe
Dictatorship in Europe by Wizardpenguin 117 plays 1p Image Quiz
Dictators during Cold War
Dictators during Cold War by mauricio811 92 plays 45p Image Quiz
Famous Dictators
Famous Dictators by KENOR 170 plays 15p Image Quiz
Dictators in South America
Dictators in South America by Nissonic 14 plays 26p Image Quiz
Dictators in Europe
Dictators in Europe by kolinova-sg 9 plays 11p Image Quiz
Dictators and Autocracy of Asia
Dictators and Autocracy of Asia by Joe Blabbah 63 plays 20p Image Quiz
Dictators in Asia
Dictators in Asia by Nissonic 37 plays 29p Image Quiz
Dictators. by Raky 24 plays 27p Image Quiz

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