HCC A&P 1 Lab Practical 2 Review

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Games useful for HCC Anatomy and Physiology1 Lab Practical 2 Review. Based off lab slides and other information obtained in lab! NOTE: To get the most out of these games in order to prepare you for your lab practical, attempt to name what the arrows are pointing to prior to pressing start. You will not be given a word bank during lab practical.

Cranial Muscles
Cranial Muscles by LindsaySaraG 806 plays 8p Image Quiz
Anterior Thoracic Muscles
Anterior Thoracic Muscles by LindsaySaraG 502 plays 4p Image Quiz
Abdominal Muscles
Abdominal Muscles by LindsaySaraG 509 plays 3p Image Quiz
Deep Shoulder Muscles
Deep Shoulder Muscles by LindsaySaraG 621 plays 5p Image Quiz
Superficial Shoulder Muscles
Superficial Shoulder Muscles by LindsaySaraG 1,100 plays 5p Image Quiz
Upper Arm Muscles
Upper Arm Muscles by LindsaySaraG 373 plays 4p Image Quiz
Medial Thigh Muscles
Medial Thigh Muscles by LindsaySaraG 843 plays 7p Image Quiz
Lateral Thigh Muscles
Lateral Thigh Muscles by LindsaySaraG 330 plays 5p Image Quiz
Anterior Lower Leg Muscles
Anterior Lower Leg Muscles by LindsaySaraG 297 plays 3p Image Quiz
Medial Lower Leg Muscles
Medial Lower Leg Muscles by LindsaySaraG 281 plays 4p Image Quiz
Lateral Lower leg Muscles
Lateral Lower leg Muscles by LindsaySaraG 300 plays 6p Image Quiz
Muscle Tissue Sheaths
Muscle Tissue Sheaths by LindsaySaraG 109 plays 5p Image Quiz
Structural Class of Neuron
Structural Class of Neuron by LindsaySaraG 149 plays 3p Image Quiz
Structures of the Nerve
Structures of the Nerve by LindsaySaraG 154 plays 3p Image Quiz
Nerve Structure Histology
Nerve Structure Histology by LindsaySaraG 267 plays 4p Image Quiz
Multipolar Neuron Model
Multipolar Neuron Model by LindsaySaraG 3,016 plays 10p Image Quiz

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