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Located in Central America between El Salvador and Mexico, Guatemala is a relatively small country with an estimated population of about 18 million inhabitants. The capital of the country is Guatemala City, with about a million people living there. More than one-third of the state’s population is younger than 14, making Guatemala the country with one of the youngest populations among Latin American nations. Moreover, the median age of the Guatemalan people in 2015 was only 21.3 years.

Neighbors Of Guatemala
Neighbors Of Guatemala by UP-AT123 627 plays 6p Image Quiz
Guatemala Flag
Guatemala Flag by Geographonic 458 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Coat of Arms (Emblem) of Guatemala
Coat of Arms (Emblem) of Guatemala by KENOR 120 plays 5p Image Quiz
Map of Flags | Central America
Map of Flags | Central America by Geographonic 3,575 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Cities of Guatemala
Cities of Guatemala by Geographonic 205 plays 9p Image Quiz
Guatemala Scenery
Guatemala Scenery by Geographonic 206 plays 9p Image Quiz
Guatemala (physical)
Guatemala (physical) by a. stoner 256 plays 14p Image Quiz
Some Languages of Guatemala
Some Languages of Guatemala by slaaty 231 plays 6p Image Quiz
Mayan Temples
Mayan Temples ECby Geographonic 362 plays 14p Shape Quiz
Mayan Ruins
Mayan Ruins by Dennyb 346 plays 18p Image Quiz
6 cities of Guatemala
6 cities of Guatemala by Medellin 130 plays 6p Shape Quiz

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