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This is the second part of learning German.

Verkehrsmittel by Math Whiz 676 plays 16p Image Quiz
German school system
German school system by Math Whiz 415 plays 10p Shape Quiz
German Time
German Time by Math Whiz 12 plays 11p Image Quiz
Schulfächer by Math Whiz 28 plays 15p Image Quiz
How do you like it?-German
How do you like it?-German by Math Whiz 11 plays 13p Matching Game
Reading a German school schedule
Reading a German school schedule by Math Whiz 106 plays 10p Image Quiz
German Holocaust vocabulary
German Holocaust vocabulary by Math Whiz 19 plays 8p Matching Game
Schulsachen by amjannot 2,410 plays 16p Image Quiz
German WWI and WWII timeline
German WWI and WWII timeline by Math Whiz 54 plays 10p Matching Game
German sports and activities
German sports and activities by Math Whiz 45 plays 12p Image Quiz
German times
German times by Math Whiz 18 plays 16p Matching Game
Was Machst du?
Was Machst du? by Math Whiz 104 plays 23p Matching Game
German verb endings
German verb endings by Math Whiz 32 plays 7p Matching Game
Was Machst du? (Irregular Verbs)
Was Machst du? (Irregular Verbs) by Math Whiz 83 plays 23p Matching Game
Zu Hause helfen
Zu Hause helfen by Math Whiz 51 plays 15p Matching Game
Wie oft?
Wie oft? by Math Whiz 23 plays 17p Matching Game
Modal Verb Conjugations
Modal Verb Conjugations by Math Whiz 44 plays 36p Type-the-Answer
Kleidung by Math Whiz 197 plays 20p Matching Game

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1 SophMac 3 of 18 100% 1:24.5 m. 29 May, '19
2 Math Whiz 1 of 18 100% 0:21.5 m. 28 May, '19
3 𝙕𝙤𝙢𝙗𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙧360 1 of 18 100% 0:25.0 m. 28 May, '19

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