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Topics covered for the EOC in German II

German II Yearly Review
German II Yearly Review by mskaleelsclass 126 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
die Hausarbeit
die Hausarbeit by mskaleelsclass 338 plays 12p Image Quiz
German Jobs (Deutsche Berufe)
German Jobs (Deutsche Berufe) by mskaleelsclass 200 plays 10p Image Quiz
Bathroom Items German
Bathroom Items German ECby mskaleelsclass 171 plays 8p Image Quiz
die Kleidung
die Kleidung by mskaleelsclass 199 plays 15p Image Quiz
die Zimmer des Hauses
die Zimmer des Hauses by mskaleelsclass 178 plays 17p Image Quiz
German Activities at Home
German Activities at Home by mskaleelsclass 236 plays 7p Matching Game
Wo mache ich das?
Wo mache ich das? by mskaleelsclass 145 plays 7p Image Quiz
Was ist das?
Was ist das? by mskaleelsclass 133 plays 19p Image Quiz
Wie ist das Wetter?
Wie ist das Wetter? by mskaleelsclass 144 plays 16p Matching Game
am Flughafen
am Flughafen by mskaleelsclass 140 plays 11p Matching Game
German Sequencing Words
German Sequencing Words by mskaleelsclass 73 plays 8p Matching Game
German Numbers 20+
German Numbers 20+ by mskaleelsclass 107 plays 13p Matching Game
German Body Parts
German Body Parts by mskaleelsclass 115 plays 11p Image Quiz
Some Duolingo Geman Set
Some Duolingo Geman Set by mskaleelsclass 91 plays 5p Matching Game
German Prepositions 2
German Prepositions 2 by mskaleelsclass 425 plays 8p Image Quiz
Berufe by mskaleelsclass 717 plays 9p Image Quiz
daily routine in German
daily routine in German by mskaleelsclass 207 plays 12p Image Quiz
Which room in the German house?
Which room in the German house? by mskaleelsclass 189 plays 7p Multiple-Choice
Using the imperative...German
Using the imperative...German by mskaleelsclass 69 plays 14p Multiple-Choice
German Furniture
German Furniture by kcoutlaw 7,169 plays 20p Image Quiz
Duolingo Story The Reservation
Duolingo Story The Reservation by mskaleelsclass 53 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Deutsche Farben
Deutsche Farben by mskaleelsclass 58 plays 9p Image Quiz
Animals in German
Animals in German by mskaleelsclass 62 plays 12p Matching Game
Fragewörter by mskaleelsclass 39 plays 10p Matching Game
German Daily Routine
German Daily Routine by mskaleelsclass 937 plays 16p Image Quiz

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die Zimmer des Hauses
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die Natur
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