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Countries of the world or particular continents where gemstones can be found.

Amethysts in the world
Amethysts in the world by Medellin 59 plays 17p Image Quiz
Amethysts in South America
Amethysts in South America by Medellin 129 plays 2p Image Quiz
Amethysts in Africa
Amethysts in Africa by Medellin 103 plays 3p Image Quiz
Amethysts in Europe
Amethysts in Europe by Medellin 40 plays 4p Image Quiz
Amethysts in Asia
Amethysts in Asia by Medellin 46 plays 5p Image Quiz
Emeralds in South America
Emeralds in South America by Medellin 56 plays 2p Image Quiz
Emeralds in Asia
Emeralds in Asia by Medellin 60 plays 7p Image Quiz
Emeralds in the world
Emeralds in the world by Medellin 60 plays 32p Image Quiz
Emeralds in Europe
Emeralds in Europe by Medellin 42 plays 9p Image Quiz
Emeralds in Africa
Emeralds in Africa by Medellin 57 plays 12p Image Quiz
Sapphires in the world
Sapphires in the world by Medellin 46 plays 21p Image Quiz
Sapphires in Africa
Sapphires in Africa by Medellin 37 plays 7p Image Quiz
Sapphires in Asia
Sapphires in Asia by Medellin 40 plays 9p Image Quiz
Rubies in Africa
Rubies in Africa by Medellin 128 plays 4p Image Quiz
Rubies in the world
Rubies in the world by Medellin 35 plays 20p Image Quiz
Rubies in Asia
Rubies in Asia by Medellin 36 plays 11p Image Quiz
Topazes in Europe
Topazes in Europe by Medellin 44 plays 7p Image Quiz
Topazes in the world
Topazes in the world by Medellin 40 plays 19p Image Quiz
Topazes in Asia
Topazes in Asia by Medellin 35 plays 6p Image Quiz
Alexandrites in the world
Alexandrites in the world by Medellin 47 plays 8p Image Quiz
Chrysoberyls in the world
Chrysoberyls in the world by Medellin 38 plays 13p Image Quiz
Garnets in the world
Garnets in the world by Medellin 38 plays 14p Image Quiz
Citrines in the world
Citrines in the world by Medellin 50 plays 11p Image Quiz
Turquoises in Asia
Turquoises in Asia by Medellin 43 plays 6p Image Quiz
Diamonds in Africa
Diamonds in Africa by Medellin 165 plays 16p Image Quiz
Diamonds in Asia
Diamonds in Asia by Medellin 108 plays 2p Image Quiz
Diamonds in the world
Diamonds in the world by Medellin 40 plays 22p Image Quiz
Opals in Europe
Opals in Europe by Medellin 119 plays 6p Image Quiz
Opals in the world
Opals in the world by Medellin 37 plays 17p Image Quiz
Aquamarines in South America
Aquamarines in South America by Medellin 88 plays 2p Image Quiz
Aquamarines in Africa
Aquamarines in Africa by Medellin 48 plays 6p Image Quiz
Aquamarines in the world
Aquamarines in the world by Medellin 36 plays 18p Image Quiz
Tourmalines in Africa
Tourmalines in Africa by Medellin 40 plays 8p Image Quiz
Tourmalines in the world
Tourmalines in the world by Medellin 36 plays 13p Image Quiz

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