Muscle Anatomy & Insertion/Origin/Action

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Insertions/origins of selected muscles, actions of nearly 50 Muscles, and identification of nearly 60 named muscles. Still a work in progress

Forearm Muscle Labeling
Forearm Muscle Labeling by NataliBonbon 24 plays 6p Image Quiz
Back Muscle Labeling
Back Muscle Labeling by NataliBonbon 537 plays 7p Image Quiz
Core Muscle Labeling
Core Muscle Labeling by NataliBonbon 90 plays 12p Image Quiz
Neck Muscle Labeling
Neck Muscle Labeling by NataliBonbon 107 plays 6p Image Quiz
Anterior Facial Muscle Labeling
Anterior Facial Muscle Labeling by NataliBonbon 122 plays 19p Image Quiz
Trunk and Core Muscle Actions
Trunk and Core Muscle Actions by NataliBonbon 21 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Ankle Muscle Labeling
Ankle Muscle Labeling by NataliBonbon 39 plays 9p Image Quiz
Thigh Muscle Labeling
Thigh Muscle Labeling by NataliBonbon 54 plays 9p Image Quiz
Muscle Action Identification
Muscle Action Identification by NataliBonbon 15 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Face and Neck Muscle Actions
Face and Neck Muscle Actions by NataliBonbon 38 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Muscle action identifcation
Muscle action identifcation by NataliBonbon 19 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Interactive Forearm Labeling
Interactive Forearm Labeling by NataliBonbon 84 plays 5p Shape Quiz

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