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Find rivers in Europe and cities on and tributaries to some of these rivers

Rivers in France
Rivers in France ECby Niklas 3,915 plays 27p Image Quiz
Rivers in Germany
Rivers in Germany by Niklas 1,502 plays 22p Image Quiz
Rivers on the British Isles
Rivers on the British Isles by Niklas 1,620 plays 24p Image Quiz
Danube River, Cities
Danube River, Cities by Niklas 2,434 plays 21p Image Quiz
Volga River
Volga River by Niklas 784 plays 21p Image Quiz
Rhine by Niklas 633 plays 32p Image Quiz
Elbe (Labe)
Elbe (Labe) by Niklas 522 plays 18p Image Quiz
The River Meuse (Maas)
The River Meuse (Maas) by Niklas 341 plays 15p Image Quiz

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