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The Solar Budget
The Solar Budget by tickman 148 plays 11p Image Quiz
Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine ECby tickman 7,656 plays 13p Image Quiz
25 Largest Wind Power Nations
25 Largest Wind Power Nations by tickman 1,310 plays 25p Image Quiz
World Renewable Energy 2005
World Renewable Energy 2005 by tickman 281 plays 12p Image Quiz
World Energy Consumption
World Energy Consumption by tickman 2,604 plays 11p Image Quiz
Oil Spills
Oil Spills by tickman 72 plays 33p Image Quiz
Top Oil Importing Nations
Top Oil Importing Nations by tickman 208 plays 15p Image Quiz
Top Oil Exporting Nations
Top Oil Exporting Nations by tickman 589 plays 15p Image Quiz
Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell by tickman 346 plays 9p Image Quiz
Windmill (old style)
Windmill (old style) by tickman 142 plays 21p Image Quiz
CANDU Nuclear Reactor
CANDU Nuclear Reactor by tickman 3,210 plays 12p Image Quiz
CANDU Cycle by tickman 73 plays 15p Image Quiz
World Climates
World Climates by tickman 4,739 plays 11p Image Quiz
US Climate (Lower 48)
US Climate (Lower 48) ECby tickman 1,120 plays 9p Image Quiz
Coal-Fired Power Plant
Coal-Fired Power Plant by tickman 1,314 plays 27p Image Quiz
Oil Well
Oil Well by tickman 2,373 plays 15p Image Quiz
Oil refinery
Oil refinery ECby tickman 3,361 plays 15p Image Quiz
Oil Well (Advanced Version)
Oil Well (Advanced Version) by tickman 88 plays 32p Image Quiz
Oil Rig (Drilling Rig)
Oil Rig (Drilling Rig) ECby tickman 3,281 plays 28p Image Quiz
Fast Breeder Reactor
Fast Breeder Reactor by tickman 178 plays 26p Image Quiz
Hydropower I : the Dam
Hydropower I : the Dam by tickman 12,022 plays 9p Image Quiz
Glacial Topography II: Upland Glaciers
Glacial Topography II: Upland Glaciers by tickman 2,745 plays 6p Image Quiz

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1 Geographonic 4 of 27 100% 2:43.8 m. 7 Oct, '19
2 Grainbeer 3 of 27 100% 0:48.6 m. 22 Oct, '12
3 Jonas­ 1 of 27 100% 0:10.9 m. 4 Mar, '15

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