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Looking to learn the language German? Here you go!

German Greetings
German Greetings by MR. MINION 53 plays 9p Matching Game
German Goodbyes
German Goodbyes by MR. MINION 76 plays 12p Matching Game
Helpful German Words
Helpful German Words by MR. MINION 72 plays 11p Matching Game
Numbers 1-10 in German
Numbers 1-10 in German by MR. MINION 75 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Number 11-20 in German
Number 11-20 in German by MR. MINION 55 plays 10p Shape Quiz
German Numbers 30–1,000,000
German Numbers 30–1,000,000 by MR. MINION 68 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Countries Surrounding Germany
Countries Surrounding Germany by MR. MINION 59 plays 11p Shape Quiz
Länder Um Deutschland
Länder Um Deutschland by MR. MINION 56 plays 11p Shape Quiz
German Verb Endings
German Verb Endings by MR. MINION 62 plays 4p Image Quiz
German Colors
German Colors by MR. MINION 115 plays 11p Shape Quiz
Deutsch Adjektive
Deutsch Adjektive by MR. MINION 8 plays 22p Image Quiz
Deutsch Berufe
Deutsch Berufe by MR. MINION 8 plays 22p Image Quiz
German Transportation
German Transportation by MR. MINION 101 plays 16p Image Quiz
Schulfächer by MR. MINION 52 plays 15p Matching Game
German School Supplies
German School Supplies by MR. MINION 155 plays 36p Matching Game
German Sports
German Sports by MR. MINION 62 plays 8p Image Quiz
German Activities
German Activities by MR. MINION 47 plays 4p Image Quiz
Gehen Expressions
Gehen Expressions by MR. MINION 6 plays 17p Matching Game
Hause Helfen
Hause Helfen by MR. MINION 17 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Deutsch Model Verben
Deutsch Model Verben by MR. MINION 105 plays 10p Matching Game
Deutsch Kleidung
Deutsch Kleidung by MR. MINION 83 plays 19p Shape Quiz
Deutsch Kleidung 2
Deutsch Kleidung 2 by MR. MINION 13 plays 18p Shape Quiz
Kleidung Adjektiv
Kleidung Adjektiv by MR. MINION 1 plays 15p Matching Game

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Deutsch Model Verben
Deutsch Model Verben10p Matching Game
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German Colors
German Colors11p Shape Quiz
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