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classic film Disney in stamp

W. Disney 1928/67
W. Disney 1928/67 by ollipo 118 plays 19p Image Quiz
Alice in wonderland in french
Alice in wonderland in french ECby ollipo 1,836 plays 9p Shape Quiz
The Aristocats in french
The Aristocats in french ECby ollipo 883 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Dumbo in french
Dumbo in french ECby ollipo 815 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Bambi in french
Bambi in french by ollipo 1,064 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Lady and the Tramp in french
Lady and the Tramp in french by ollipo 532 plays 9p Shape Quiz
The Jungle book in french
The Jungle book in french by ollipo 755 plays 9p Shape Quiz
The Rescuers in french
The Rescuers in french by ollipo 420 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Cinderella in french
Cinderella in french by ollipo 555 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Pinocchio in french
Pinocchio in french ECby ollipo 957 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Peter Pan in french
Peter Pan in french ECby ollipo 476 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Sleeping Beauty in french
Sleeping Beauty in french by ollipo 471 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Disney Classics 1
Disney Classics 1 by ollipo 83 plays 12p Matching Game
Disney Classics 2
Disney Classics 2 ECby ollipo 120 plays 15p Matching Game

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