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This playlist contains all of the Disney games I have created.

Pixar Movies Matching (Updated)
Pixar Movies Matching (Updated) by Avex 1,475 plays 21p Matching Game
Disney Songs Matching
Disney Songs Matching by Avex 160 plays 32p Matching Game
Disney Sidekicks I
Disney Sidekicks I by Avex 164 plays 12p Image Quiz
Disney Movies By Colour
Disney Movies By Colour by Avex 160 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Something's Wrong - Disney Edition
Something's Wrong - Disney Edition by Avex 95 plays 9p Image Quiz
Disney Sidekicks II
Disney Sidekicks II by Avex 129 plays 12p Image Quiz
Language Match: Pixar Movies
Language Match: Pixar Movies by Avex 26 plays 15p Matching Game

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