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Tickman's games about dinosaurs.

Largest Theropod Dinosaurs
Largest Theropod Dinosaurs ECby tickman 2,887 plays 7p Image Quiz
Dinosaur Gallery: Identification
Dinosaur Gallery: Identification ECby tickman 16,035 plays 18p Image Quiz
Horned Dinosaurs Part 2 (Ceratopsidae)
Horned Dinosaurs Part 2 (Ceratopsidae) by tickman 1,299 plays 7p Image Quiz
Things That Could('ve) Eat(en) You.
Things That Could('ve) Eat(en) You. ECby tickman 1,022 plays 8p Image Quiz
Biggest Dinosaurs
Biggest Dinosaurs by tickman 800 plays 9p Image Quiz
Largest Ornithopod Dinosaurs
Largest Ornithopod Dinosaurs by tickman 702 plays 6p Image Quiz
The Longest Sauropod Dinosaurs
The Longest Sauropod Dinosaurs by tickman 634 plays 8p Image Quiz
Jurassic Dinosaurs
Jurassic Dinosaurs ECby tickman 927 plays 17p Image Quiz
Cretaceous Dinosaurs
Cretaceous Dinosaurs ECby tickman 562 plays 18p Image Quiz
Triassic Gallery: Dinos, et. al.
Triassic Gallery: Dinos, et. al. ECby tickman 274 plays 18p Image Quiz
Triassic:  Meanings of Names
Triassic: Meanings of Names ECby tickman 156 plays 18p Image Quiz
Tyrannosaur Sizes
Tyrannosaur Sizes by tickman 330 plays 6p Image Quiz
Cretaceous Sea and Sky
Cretaceous Sea and Sky ECby tickman 280 plays 15p Image Quiz
Dinosaur Gallery: Name and Age
Dinosaur Gallery: Name and Age by tickman 158 plays 36p Image Quiz
Dinosaur Gallery: My Cousin's Name
Dinosaur Gallery: My Cousin's Name by tickman 86 plays 18p Image Quiz
Dinosaur Gallery: Name & Location
Dinosaur Gallery: Name & Location by tickman 84 plays 36p Image Quiz
Dromaeosaurus Skull (Dinosaur)
Dromaeosaurus Skull (Dinosaur) by tickman 297 plays 23p Image Quiz
The Bone Wars
The Bone Wars by tickman 176 plays 10p Image Quiz
Ankylosauria Quiz
Ankylosauria Quiz by tickman 76 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Ankylosaurus: the Business End
Ankylosaurus: the Business End by tickman 101 plays 13p Image Quiz
Stegosauria Game
Stegosauria Game by tickman 72 plays 17p Multiple-Choice

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4 Scorpion5 2 of 25 91% 0:55.4 m. 29 Nov, '21
5 Geographonic 2 of 25 21% 0:11.2 m. 12 May, '21
6 Frabaco23 1 of 25 100% 0:19.3 m. 18 Aug, '21
7 paulina andrea 1 of 25 100% 1:08.7 m. 11 Apr, '20
8 金澤 1 of 25 54% 0:16.9 m. 2 May, '21

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