D2 Spring Midterms

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CSF Results
CSF Results by mcnugget28 288 plays 5p Image Quiz
CSF resut 2
CSF resut 2 by mcnugget28 222 plays 8p Image Quiz
peicillin G
peicillin G by mcnugget28 238 plays 6p Image Quiz
meninges by mcnugget28 265 plays 7p Image Quiz
sinuses by mcnugget28 283 plays 20p Image Quiz
vertebrae by mcnugget28 281 plays 14p Image Quiz
the meninges
the meninges by mcnugget28 333 plays 5p Image Quiz
brain layers
brain layers by mcnugget28 307 plays 12p Image Quiz
brain by mcnugget28 345 plays 13p Image Quiz
cranial nerve functions
cranial nerve functions by caldwell3971 3,502 plays 8p Image Quiz
Cranial Nerves LABEL
Cranial Nerves LABEL by mikite 111,748 plays 20p Image Quiz
Nerve dmg
Nerve dmg by dntst 762 plays 8p Image Quiz
Cranial Nerve function
Cranial Nerve function by dntst 312 plays 12p Image Quiz
gettin' on my nervez?
gettin' on my nervez? by dntst 608 plays 7p Image Quiz
Nerve Regeneration
Nerve Regeneration by mcnugget28 284 plays 5p Image Quiz
Nerve Regeneration
Nerve Regeneration by mcnugget28 278 plays 6p Image Quiz
Nerve Fiber Regeneration
Nerve Fiber Regeneration by mcnugget28 345 plays 5p Image Quiz
Sinuses by sjr07d 4,730 plays 8p Image Quiz
Sinuses Anterior View
Sinuses Anterior View by raemre 2,157 plays 5p Image Quiz
The Sarcomere
The Sarcomere by mcnugget28 218 plays 22p Image Quiz
The Muscle
The Muscle by mcnugget28 270 plays 19p Image Quiz
Sarcoplasmic Reticulum
Sarcoplasmic Reticulum by mcnugget28 189 plays 10p Image Quiz
Sarcomere Round 84736
Sarcomere Round 84736 by mcnugget28 101 plays 14p Image Quiz
More muscle fibers
More muscle fibers by mcnugget28 208 plays 12p Image Quiz
Upper and Lower neuron
Upper and Lower neuron by mcnugget28 197 plays 9p Image Quiz
Consequences of lesions
Consequences of lesions by mcnugget28 157 plays 5p Image Quiz
ALS by mcnugget28 159 plays 4p Image Quiz
Corticobulbar Tract
Corticobulbar Tract by mcnugget28 69 plays 30p Image Quiz
More tract
More tract by mcnugget28 143 plays 14p Image Quiz
spinal tracts
spinal tracts by jnaz 1,582 plays 14p Image Quiz
spinal tracts
spinal tracts by Russellmania 2,068 plays 15p Image Quiz
Muscle Physiology
Muscle Physiology by jennifer.king 3,118 plays 18p Image Quiz
Neuromuscular Junction
Neuromuscular Junction by EMOsborn 9,617 plays 12p Image Quiz
Neuromuscular Junction 2
Neuromuscular Junction 2 by AlyssaGallegos 3 3,951 plays 4p Image Quiz
Neurons by godsman 7,941 plays 7p Image Quiz
3 types of neurons
3 types of neurons by mpkrist 1,602 plays 3p Image Quiz
Label the Reflex Arc
Label the Reflex Arc by Tasdel 12,810 plays 6p Image Quiz
Luthy - Reflex Arc
Luthy - Reflex Arc ECby cluthy 7,352 plays 9p Image Quiz
Corticospinal Tract
Corticospinal Tract by srandolph 427 plays 7p Image Quiz
Corticobulbar tract
Corticobulbar tract by SFDeFreitas 237 plays 10p Image Quiz
Spinal Cord (cross section )
Spinal Cord (cross section ) by Black 7 9,269 plays 5p Image Quiz
types of muscle tissues
types of muscle tissues by FrankDaTank 426 plays 19p Image Quiz
The Skull
The Skull by brookecoffey 3,312 plays 21p Image Quiz
Planes of Body
Planes of Body by sjr07d 20,981 plays 3p Image Quiz
Le Fort Classifications
Le Fort Classifications by mccaleblaura 149 plays 3p Image Quiz
Heart sounds etc
Heart sounds etc by dntst 916 plays 11p Image Quiz
Monro-kellie doctrine
Monro-kellie doctrine by mcnugget28 117 plays 2p Image Quiz
Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Cheyne-Stokes respiration by mcnugget28 154 plays 4p Image Quiz
Respiration by mcnugget28 135 plays 4p Image Quiz

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1 toothcarie 90 of 92 96% 49:59.8 m. 26 Feb, '18
2 [Anonymous] 90 of 92 93% 69:13.6 m. 4 Mar, '19
3 dntst 89 of 92 100% 17:44.3 m. 26 Feb, '18
4 rita.garabet 86 of 92 94% 46:49.2 m. 26 Feb, '18
5 virtuosos 85 of 92 93% 37:47.2 m. 1 Mar, '21
6 hailz 84 of 92 87% 63:22.8 m. 26 Feb, '18
7 señordentista 83 of 92 88% 46:15.9 m. 26 Feb, '18
8 Unko Yimmer 75 of 92 89% 60:43.7 m. 26 Feb, '18

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