D1 Final trimester I COMBOT-fall 2016

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gingival fibers 3
gingival fibers 3 by lynettsl 2,925 plays 4p Image Quiz
gingival fiber groups 2
gingival fiber groups 2 by lynettsl 3,963 plays 4p Image Quiz
oralmaxillary nerves
oralmaxillary nerves by lynettsl 4,576 plays 13p Image Quiz
Dentogingival Junction
Dentogingival Junction by DDS18USC 3,052 plays 6p Image Quiz
Alveolar Bone
Alveolar Bone by DDS18USC 1,912 plays 3p Image Quiz
PDL by DDS18USC 2,021 plays 7p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 5,040 plays 11p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 4,542 plays 14p Image Quiz
gram - bacteria
gram - bacteria by lynettsl 2,841 plays 9p Image Quiz
gram - bacteria (2)
gram - bacteria (2) by lynettsl 3,056 plays 9p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 4,337 plays 28p Image Quiz
Periodontal Ligaments
Periodontal Ligaments by dntst 537 plays 6p Image Quiz
gingival fiber groupz
gingival fiber groupz by dntst 359 plays 4p Image Quiz
Immune cells etc
Immune cells etc by dntst 531 plays 7p Image Quiz
Immune system (acquired vs innate)
Immune system (acquired vs innate) by dntst 470 plays 23p Image Quiz
Gram (+) vs (-) bacteria
Gram (+) vs (-) bacteria by dntst 388 plays 11p Image Quiz
Gram negative vs positive bacteria 2
Gram negative vs positive bacteria 2 by dntst 452 plays 2p Image Quiz
Cranial Nerves
Cranial Nerves by dntst 579 plays 14p Image Quiz
Antibodiez by dntst 192 plays 4p Image Quiz
Tongue histology etc
Tongue histology etc by dntst 265 plays 5p Image Quiz
Antibiotic structures
Antibiotic structures by dntst 325 plays 8p Image Quiz
Nerve Blocks ptI
Nerve Blocks ptI by dntst 299 plays 4p Image Quiz
Dental Nerve Blocks PtII
Dental Nerve Blocks PtII by dntst 170 plays 4p Image Quiz
Periodontal Structures
Periodontal Structures by USCCombot 526 plays 10p Image Quiz
Scaling Instruments
Scaling Instruments by USCCombot 416 plays 5p Image Quiz
[Your Game Name]
[Your Game Name] by USCDDS16 257 plays 15p Image Quiz
nerve blocks
nerve blocks by lynettsl 325 plays 8p Image Quiz
periodontal healing
periodontal healing by lynettsl 168 plays 19p Image Quiz
basement membrane
basement membrane by lynettsl 215 plays 14p Image Quiz
lymph node
lymph node by lynettsl 722 plays 22p Image Quiz
antibiotics by lynettsl 676 plays 21p Image Quiz
Hemidesmosome by lynettsl 186 plays 13p Image Quiz
The Desmosome
The Desmosome by MrsDohm 369 plays 4p Image Quiz
Cell Junctions
Cell Junctions by bschn003 731 plays 33p Image Quiz
Antibody Structure
Antibody Structure by mcnugget28 3,730 plays 9p Image Quiz
lymph node
lymph node by rjrt 5,592 plays 13p Image Quiz
Adaptive vs. Innate Immunity
Adaptive vs. Innate Immunity by mcnugget28 2,394 plays 11p Image Quiz
T Cells
T Cells by mcnugget28 1,902 plays 11p Image Quiz
Cell Junctions & Functions
Cell Junctions & Functions by mcnugget28 1,751 plays 5p Image Quiz
More Teeth
More Teeth by mcnugget28 2,468 plays 9p Image Quiz
Innate vs Adaptive Immune Cells
Innate vs Adaptive Immune Cells by mcnugget28 3,597 plays 18p Image Quiz
Skin Layers & Cells
Skin Layers & Cells by mcnugget28 4,986 plays 14p Image Quiz
CT Regeneration
CT Regeneration by mcnugget28 1,638 plays 11p Image Quiz
DIF Again
DIF Again by mcnugget28 1,502 plays 4p Image Quiz
DIF by mcnugget28 1,486 plays 4p Image Quiz
Bacteria Periodontal 2
Bacteria Periodontal 2 by Unko Yimmer 60 plays 15p Image Quiz
Bacteria Periodontal 1
Bacteria Periodontal 1 by Unko Yimmer 85 plays 12p Image Quiz
Histology/DiagramEpidermis by Unko Yimmer 62 plays 25p Image Quiz

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1 premedpro 49 of 51 100% 26:43.5 m. 5 Dec, '17
2 dntst 48 of 51 100% 13:19.7 m. 6 Dec, '16
3 biomemetics_69 48 of 51 94% 22:07.2 m. 5 Dec, '17
4 daddy_abedi 46 of 51 93% 92:02.0 m. 5 Dec, '17
5 fbgm911 44 of 51 96% 29:10.0 m. 5 Dec, '17
6 [Anonymous] 44 of 51 93% 41:52.8 m. 1 Mar, '18
7 sharklasers 44 of 51 89% 22:32.5 m. 4 Dec, '17
8 audball 36 of 51 99% 14:15.1 m. 6 Dec, '16

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