D1 Fall Midterms 2016

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X-Ray by mcnugget28 2,880 plays 13p Image Quiz
Tooth & Gingiva
Tooth & Gingiva by mcnugget28 3,730 plays 14p Image Quiz
Salivary Glands
Salivary Glands by mcnugget28 3,195 plays 7p Image Quiz
Identification of Lymphocytes
Identification of Lymphocytes by mcnugget28 5,633 plays 7p Image Quiz
Lymph Nodes #3
Lymph Nodes #3 by mcnugget28 3,637 plays 11p Image Quiz
Lymph Node ID #2
Lymph Node ID #2 by mcnugget28 4,794 plays 9p Image Quiz
Penetration of UV rays
Penetration of UV rays by mcnugget28 1,964 plays 7p Image Quiz
Mechanism of Pain & Inflammation
Mechanism of Pain & Inflammation by mcnugget28 2,225 plays 8p Image Quiz
Skin Histology #1
Skin Histology #1 by mcnugget28 2,461 plays 4p Image Quiz
Panoramic X-ray
Panoramic X-ray by mcnugget28 2,935 plays 16p Image Quiz
More Lip Histology
More Lip Histology by mcnugget28 2,140 plays 3p Image Quiz
Even More Lip Histology
Even More Lip Histology by mcnugget28 1,484 plays 4p Image Quiz
Lingual Papille
Lingual Papille by mcnugget28 1,977 plays 4p Image Quiz
Lip Histology MOrrrree
Lip Histology MOrrrree by mcnugget28 2,386 plays 10p Image Quiz
More And More Histology of the Lip
More And More Histology of the Lip by mcnugget28 2,188 plays 14p Image Quiz
Gingiva by nbxdr23 2,403 plays 11p Image Quiz
gingival fibers 3
gingival fibers 3 by lynettsl 3,298 plays 4p Image Quiz
gingival fiber groups 2
gingival fiber groups 2 by lynettsl 4,393 plays 4p Image Quiz
oralmaxillary nerves
oralmaxillary nerves by lynettsl 4,931 plays 13p Image Quiz
Class II Prep
Class II Prep by spicyahi 2,409 plays 8p Image Quiz
Collagen Formation 2
Collagen Formation 2 by USCDDS18 3,106 plays 4p Image Quiz
Dentogingival Junction
Dentogingival Junction by DDS18USC 3,407 plays 6p Image Quiz
Alveolar Bone
Alveolar Bone by DDS18USC 2,138 plays 3p Image Quiz
PDL 2 by DDS18USC 1,952 plays 5p Image Quiz
PDL by DDS18USC 2,208 plays 7p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 5,355 plays 11p Image Quiz
strucutres by lynettsl 1,509 plays 3p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 4,782 plays 14p Image Quiz
lymph node
lymph node by lynettsl 1,783 plays 11p Image Quiz
gram - bacteria
gram - bacteria by lynettsl 3,030 plays 9p Image Quiz
gram - bacteria (2)
gram - bacteria (2) by lynettsl 3,243 plays 9p Image Quiz
diapedises by lynettsl 2,302 plays 12p Image Quiz
tooth formation
tooth formation by lynettsl 1,855 plays 8p Image Quiz
Antibiotics by spicyahi 182 plays 19p Matching Game
Arachidonic Acid and Inflammation
Arachidonic Acid and Inflammation by KZCheng 3,659 plays 25p Image Quiz
structures 2
structures 2 by lynettsl 2,332 plays 4p Image Quiz
diapedesis 3
diapedesis 3 by lynettsl 1,947 plays 9p Image Quiz
lip structure
lip structure by lynettsl 2,837 plays 9p Image Quiz
Tonsil (seen through microscope)
Tonsil (seen through microscope) by spicyahi 1,587 plays 6p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 4,533 plays 28p Image Quiz
Differentiation of Immune Cells
Differentiation of Immune Cells by Quizzenberg 3,400 plays 19p Image Quiz
Skin Lesions
Skin Lesions by Quizzenberg 7,250 plays 9p Image Quiz
Head and Neck Lymph Nodes
Head and Neck Lymph Nodes by Quizzenberg 2,929 plays 11p Image Quiz
Types of Cartilage
Types of Cartilage by Quizzenberg 3,017 plays 6p Image Quiz
Blood smear
Blood smear by DDS18USC 2,467 plays 6p Image Quiz
lymph node
lymph node by rjrt 6,050 plays 13p Image Quiz
Skin Layers
Skin Layers by mcnugget28 1,507 plays 6p Image Quiz
SCC Histology
SCC Histology by mcnugget28 1,390 plays 3p Image Quiz
Wound Healing
Wound Healing by mcnugget28 1,050 plays 6p Image Quiz

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4 tryonsomeshoes 51 of 52 100% 12:04.5 m. 16 Oct, '18
5 rachelph 51 of 52 100% 17:25.7 m. 16 Oct, '18
6 geewhoa 51 of 52 100% 18:41.7 m. 17 Oct, '20
7 sushicatz 51 of 52 100% 24:58.9 m. 16 Oct, '18
8 aam 51 of 52 99% 15:51.6 m. 17 Oct, '17

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