D1 Fall FINALS 2016

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Gram + and Gram - Bacteria
Gram + and Gram - Bacteria by mcnugget28 2,348 plays 6p Image Quiz
Oral Ligaments
Oral Ligaments by mcnugget28 2,256 plays 4p Image Quiz
Lymph Node ID #2
Lymph Node ID #2 by mcnugget28 5,138 plays 9p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 5,023 plays 28p Image Quiz
lymph node
lymph node by rjrt 6,791 plays 13p Image Quiz
Skin Lesions
Skin Lesions by Quizzenberg 7,778 plays 9p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 5,809 plays 11p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 5,162 plays 14p Image Quiz
Adaptive vs. Innate Immunity
Adaptive vs. Innate Immunity by mcnugget28 2,777 plays 11p Image Quiz
T Cells
T Cells by mcnugget28 2,217 plays 11p Image Quiz
Cell Junctions & Functions
Cell Junctions & Functions by mcnugget28 2,082 plays 5p Image Quiz
More Teeth
More Teeth by mcnugget28 2,894 plays 9p Image Quiz
Innate vs Adaptive Immune Cells
Innate vs Adaptive Immune Cells by mcnugget28 4,372 plays 18p Image Quiz
Type 1 Allergic Reaction
Type 1 Allergic Reaction by mcnugget28 2,014 plays 9p Image Quiz
Type III Allergic Rxn Stages
Type III Allergic Rxn Stages by mcnugget28 2,087 plays 4p Image Quiz
Type II & Type III Rxn
Type II & Type III Rxn by mcnugget28 1,995 plays 13p Image Quiz
Type IV rxn
Type IV rxn by mcnugget28 1,769 plays 9p Image Quiz
Normal Oral Mucosa
Normal Oral Mucosa by mcnugget28 1,900 plays 10p Image Quiz
CT Regeneration
CT Regeneration by mcnugget28 1,923 plays 11p Image Quiz
Hypersensitivity Reactions
Hypersensitivity Reactions by mcnugget28 1,986 plays 4p Image Quiz
Periodontal Disease Stages
Periodontal Disease Stages by mcnugget28 1,516 plays 9p Image Quiz
Skin Layers & Cells
Skin Layers & Cells by mcnugget28 6,687 plays 14p Image Quiz
Fiber Groups
Fiber Groups by mcnugget28 2,272 plays 9p Image Quiz
Areas of Gingival Epithelium
Areas of Gingival Epithelium by mcnugget28 1,411 plays 9p Image Quiz
Gingival Epithelium
Gingival Epithelium by mcnugget28 1,340 plays 6p Image Quiz
Gingival Cross Section
Gingival Cross Section by mcnugget28 1,716 plays 15p Image Quiz
Gram Negative Cell Wall
Gram Negative Cell Wall by mcnugget28 1,643 plays 12p Image Quiz
Gram Negative Cell Wall #2
Gram Negative Cell Wall #2 by mcnugget28 1,565 plays 8p Image Quiz
Gram Positive Cell Wall
Gram Positive Cell Wall by mcnugget28 1,402 plays 6p Image Quiz
Nerves by mcnugget28 1,510 plays 8p Image Quiz
oralmaxillary nerves
oralmaxillary nerves by lynettsl 5,354 plays 13p Image Quiz
gram - bacteria
gram - bacteria by lynettsl 3,352 plays 9p Image Quiz
gram - bacteria (2)
gram - bacteria (2) by lynettsl 3,480 plays 9p Image Quiz
Gram (-) & Gram (+) Bacteria
Gram (-) & Gram (+) Bacteria by mcnugget28 1,378 plays 13p Image Quiz
Cross Section of Soft Palate
Cross Section of Soft Palate by mcnugget28 1,382 plays 9p Image Quiz
Inhibitors by mcnugget28 1,781 plays 4p Image Quiz
Desmosome by mcnugget28 1,263 plays 4p Image Quiz
Antibodies by mcnugget28 2,967 plays 5p Image Quiz
Desmosome/Hemidesmosome by mcnugget28 1,652 plays 22p Image Quiz
Pancreas by mcnugget28 1,506 plays 9p Image Quiz
No title
No title by mcnugget28 1,327 plays 8p Image Quiz
The Pancreas
The Pancreas by mcnugget28 3,690 plays 14p Image Quiz
Gram Positive Bacteria
Gram Positive Bacteria by mcnugget28 1,037 plays 9p Image Quiz
More Bacteria
More Bacteria by mcnugget28 844 plays 9p Image Quiz
MOOORREEE Bacteria by mcnugget28 1,230 plays 11p Image Quiz
Injection Tech.
Injection Tech. by mcnugget28 1,331 plays 9p Image Quiz
Maxillary Division Block
Maxillary Division Block by mcnugget28 147 plays 5p Image Quiz

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1 [Anonymous] 71 of 76 99% 31:08.0 m. 5 Dec, '17
2 atc 70 of 76 100% 16:12.7 m. 2 Dec, '17
3 patrick yu 70 of 76 100% 22:18.9 m. 4 Dec, '21
4 geewhoa 70 of 76 100% 23:42.9 m. 2 Dec, '20
5 trojandent 70 of 76 100% 23:44.9 m. 4 Dec, '18
6 KrispyKreme17 70 of 76 100% 28:35.1 m. 4 Dec, '21
7 sushicatz 70 of 76 100% 28:37.6 m. 4 Dec, '18
8 dms136 70 of 76 100% 30:53.0 m. 4 Dec, '18

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