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Cape Verde

Cape Verde Flag
Cape Verde Flag by Geographonic 599 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Cape Verde- the quiz
Cape Verde- the quiz by a. stoner 231 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
Neighbors Of Cape Verde
Neighbors Of Cape Verde by UP-AT123 7,450 plays 1p Image Quiz
Capitals of Western Africa
Capitals of Western Africa by Geographonic 1,132 plays 17p Multiple-Choice
Cape Verde Islands
Cape Verde Islands by sir_carlsberg 116 plays 11p Image Quiz
Cape Verde
Cape Verde by briantravelman 222 plays 9p Image Quiz
Satellite Series:Volcanoes
Satellite Series:Volcanoes ECby Geographonic 359 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Macaronesia by Ashgabat 101 plays 5p Image Quiz
Portuguese Empire
Portuguese Empire ECby Geographonic 353 plays 17p Image Quiz
6 cities of Cape Verde
6 cities of Cape Verde by Medellin 228 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Sports venues in Cape Verde
Sports venues in Cape Verde by Bart-man 231 plays 2p Shape Quiz
Airports in Cape Verde
Airports in Cape Verde by Bart-man 302 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Coat of Arms (Emblem) of Cape Verde
Coat of Arms (Emblem) of Cape Verde by KENOR 108 plays 4p Image Quiz
Location hypotheses of Atlantis
Location hypotheses of Atlantis by Geographonic 104 plays 42p Image Quiz
Famous Volcanic Hotspots
Famous Volcanic Hotspots by Geographonic 676 plays 36p Image Quiz
Praia em português
Praia em português by Danychp 127 plays 11p Image Quiz

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