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Review games for Biotechnology Course

Prokaryotic gene components
Prokaryotic gene components by mpurzycki 24 plays 5p Image Quiz
Micropipette Tips
Micropipette Tips by mpurzycki 42 plays 3p Image Quiz
Antibiotic Reactions
Antibiotic Reactions by mpurzycki 18 plays 3p Image Quiz
Animal Cell
Animal Cell by mpurzycki 23 plays 6p Image Quiz
Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment by mpurzycki 14 plays 5p Image Quiz
NFPA Safety Diamond
NFPA Safety Diamond by mpurzycki 18 plays 4p Image Quiz
DNA Replication
DNA Replication by mpurzycki 94 plays 12p Image Quiz
DNA by mpurzycki 83 plays 10p Image Quiz
Gel electrophoresis
Gel electrophoresis by mpurzycki 1,267 plays 7p Image Quiz
Gram stain results
Gram stain results by mpurzycki 588 plays 6p Image Quiz
4 Levels of Protein Structure
4 Levels of Protein Structure by mpurzycki 112 plays 4p Image Quiz
Lab Equipment and Functions
Lab Equipment and Functions by mpurzycki 17 plays 9p Matching Game
Types of Mutations
Types of Mutations by mpurzycki 57 plays 4p Image Quiz
Identify the safety symbols
Identify the safety symbols by mpurzycki 26 plays 11p Image Quiz

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