Playlist: Architecture and Urban Planning

Architecture and Urban Planning

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  1. the ‘classical’ Five Orders of columns
  2. Plan of a typical Greek Temple
  3. Famous Marble Buildings
  4. Architects : Renzo Piano
  5. Elements of Gothic Architecture
  6. Ground Plans of Ancient Greek Temples
  7. Schematic plan of a church (orientation)
  8. Romanesque Portal
  9. Gothic Portal
  10. Chartres Cathedral
  11. Architecture and Roman Temples of Palmyra
  12. Buddhist Temples
  13. Plan of ancient city of Palmyra in Syria
  14. Elements of an Eastern Orthodox Church
  15. Bouwstijlen in Delft
  16. Concentric Zone Theory
  17. The Burgess Urban Land Use Model
  18. Mann's Model of a British City
  19. Types of Settlements
  20. Crappable Planning Zones
  21.  settlement hierarchy
  22. Site and Settlement
  23. Famous books on City Making
  24. Wind Integrated buildings
  25. London Skyline
  26. Ebola Clinic
  27. Skyscrapers in Brazil
  28. Skyscrapers under construction in Saudi Arabia
  29. Skyscrapers in Saudi Arabia
  30. Skyscrapers in Holland
  31. Famous City Silhouettes
  32. Typical British City
  33. Primate City

Architecture and Urban Planning

by Geographonic Nov 10, 2018

33 games


Architecture and Urban Planning

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