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muscle anatomy - posterior
muscle anatomy - posterior by laluzlaluz 1,405 plays 16p Image Quiz
Major muscle origins
Major muscle origins by loki3981 917 plays 14p Multiple-Choice
Major Muscle Actions
Major Muscle Actions ECby loki3981 11,418 plays 14p Multiple-Choice
Major Muscle Insertions
Major Muscle Insertions by loki3981 656 plays 14p Multiple-Choice
Muscle Anatomy
Muscle Anatomy by enigmamaker 1,208 plays 41p Image Quiz
facial muscles
facial muscles by laluzlaluz 416 plays 14p Image Quiz
Anatomy Major Muscles
Anatomy Major Muscles by RainMed 1,196 plays 35p Shape Quiz
Muscle Movements
Muscle Movements by mcscole 4,640 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Muscles of the Head & Neck
Muscles of the Head & Neck by mcscole 969 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Thigh Muscles Anterior
Thigh Muscles Anterior by mcscole 24,330 plays 7p Image Quiz
Lower Leg Muscles
Lower Leg Muscles by mcscole 177,827 plays 12p Image Quiz
Facial Muscles
Facial Muscles by mcscole 107,487 plays 13p Image Quiz
Abdominal Muscles
Abdominal Muscles by mcscole 29,553 plays 6p Image Quiz
Superior Muscle Systems
Superior Muscle Systems by blue.oxygen 550 plays 18p Image Quiz
Muscle System Inferior
Muscle System Inferior by blue.oxygen 430 plays 11p Image Quiz
Planes of the Body
Planes of the Body by sarah_jane28 8,594 plays 7p Image Quiz
Special Angular Movements
Special Angular Movements by mhuffine 1,056 plays 35p Image Quiz
Directional terms of movement
Directional terms of movement by bnorman 492 plays 8p Image Quiz
Terms of Movements
Terms of Movements by gordbeas 773 plays 7p Image Quiz
Posterior Forearm
Posterior Forearm by bateb590 1,696 plays 11p Image Quiz
Leg by Lindi 619 plays 6p Image Quiz
Anatomical Landmarks (Lower Body)
Anatomical Landmarks (Lower Body) by mhuffine 541 plays 17p Image Quiz
Regions of the Human Body
Regions of the Human Body by tbrodyy 231 plays 29p Image Quiz
Muscular System - Posterior View
Muscular System - Posterior View by tbrodyy 254 plays 30p Image Quiz
Muscular System - Anterior View
Muscular System - Anterior View by tbrodyy 309 plays 37p Image Quiz
Anatomical Planes and Directions
Anatomical Planes and Directions by tbrodyy 10,088 plays 10p Image Quiz
Unit 4 Part 1 - Muscle Movements MC
Unit 4 Part 1 - Muscle Movements MC by TIMOTHYAKELLER 2,461 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Muscle MovementsMJ
Muscle MovementsMJ by wildcatmj 1,542 plays 9p Image Quiz
Upper leg muscles
Upper leg muscles by RMTstudent 108,871 plays 10p Image Quiz
Anterior Pelvis and Thigh
Anterior Pelvis and Thigh by tafatula 13,170 plays 16p Image Quiz
Mr. Sluyter's Muscle Challenge 2
Mr. Sluyter's Muscle Challenge 2 by ksluyter 4,340 plays 11p Image Quiz
Mr. Sluyter's Muscle Challenge 4
Mr. Sluyter's Muscle Challenge 4 by ksluyter 3,369 plays 13p Image Quiz
Facial Muscles
Facial Muscles by elenimou 103 plays 19p Multiple-Choice
Level 3 Muscles Part 2
Level 3 Muscles Part 2 by deanl 610 plays 22p Image Quiz

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Facial Muscles
Facial Muscles19p Multiple-Choice