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The anatomy of things that swim, craw, slither and fly.

Dolphin Anatomy
Dolphin Anatomy ECby tickman 1,770 plays 24p Image Quiz
Spider Anatomy, Updated
Spider Anatomy, Updated ECby tickman 626 plays 22p Image Quiz
Internal anatomy of a spider
Internal anatomy of a spider by kaleo109 109 plays 21p Image Quiz
Sea Spider (pycnogonid)
Sea Spider (pycnogonid) ECby tickman 105 plays 22p Image Quiz
Horse (Mostly skeletal)
Horse (Mostly skeletal) ECby tickman 20,365 plays 26p Image Quiz
Horse Terminology
Horse Terminology by tickman 2,986 plays 27p Image Quiz
Ankylosaurus: the Business End
Ankylosaurus: the Business End by tickman 87 plays 13p Image Quiz
Comparison of Mammalian Stomachs
Comparison of Mammalian Stomachs by tickman 249 plays 12p Image Quiz
Sheep's Rumen: Histology
Sheep's Rumen: Histology by tickman 314 plays 13p Image Quiz
Nautilus Anatomy
Nautilus Anatomy by tickman 428 plays 29p Image Quiz
Dromaeosaurus Skull (Dinosaur)
Dromaeosaurus Skull (Dinosaur) by tickman 282 plays 23p Image Quiz
Jellyfish (medusa) Revisited
Jellyfish (medusa) Revisited by tickman 663 plays 17p Image Quiz
Jellyfish (Medusa)
Jellyfish (Medusa) by tickman 900 plays 15p Image Quiz
Anemone Anatomy
Anemone Anatomy by tickman 1,860 plays 14p Image Quiz
Coral Polyp
Coral Polyp by tickman 671 plays 13p Image Quiz
Archaeocyatha 1: Anatomy
Archaeocyatha 1: Anatomy by tickman 141 plays 7p Image Quiz
Scorpion Anatomy
Scorpion Anatomy by tickman 765 plays 14p Image Quiz
Tuatara Skull
Tuatara Skull by tickman 376 plays 16p Image Quiz
An Ant's Anatomy
An Ant's Anatomy by tickman 210 plays 45p Image Quiz
Feather Tracts of birds
Feather Tracts of birds by tickman 761 plays 8p Image Quiz
Insect Cuticle and Epidermis
Insect Cuticle and Epidermis by tickman 381 plays 23p Image Quiz
Nematode Anatomy
Nematode Anatomy by tickman 1,590 plays 12p Image Quiz
House Fly
House Fly by tickman 120 plays 31p Image Quiz
Horseshoe Worm
Horseshoe Worm by tickman 93 plays 18p Image Quiz
Trochophore Larva
Trochophore Larva by tickman 279 plays 12p Image Quiz
Bats in the Belfry
Bats in the Belfry by tickman 212 plays 19p Image Quiz
*Ghoti (Starfish), Revisited
*Ghoti (Starfish), Revisited by tickman 1,630 plays 11p Image Quiz
*Ghoti (Starfish) (simple version)
*Ghoti (Starfish) (simple version) by tickman 1,792 plays 6p Image Quiz
Bird's Wing: Skeletal
Bird's Wing: Skeletal by tickman 1,335 plays 13p Image Quiz
Snail Anatomy
Snail Anatomy ECby tickman 1,337 plays 24p Image Quiz
Bird Anatomy
Bird Anatomy by tickman 8,094 plays 22p Image Quiz
"Sonar" in Whales by tickman 402 plays 11p Image Quiz
Fish Internal Anatomy
Fish Internal Anatomy ECby tickman 7,073 plays 11p Image Quiz
The Egg
The Egg ECby tickman 515 plays 15p Image Quiz
Snakes in a Game
Snakes in a Game by tickman 1,043 plays 15p Image Quiz
Baleen Whale Anatomy
Baleen Whale Anatomy by tickman 1,164 plays 16p Image Quiz
Toothed Whale Anatomy
Toothed Whale Anatomy by tickman 463 plays 17p Image Quiz
Shark Anatomy
Shark Anatomy ECby tickman 37,308 plays 19p Image Quiz
Crustacean Anatomy
Crustacean Anatomy by tickman 3,881 plays 19p Image Quiz
Trilobite ECby tickman 540 plays 23p Image Quiz
Fly's (or Vincent Price's) Head
Fly's (or Vincent Price's) Head by tickman 90 plays 13p Image Quiz
Polychaete  Anatomy (Sandworm)
Polychaete Anatomy (Sandworm) by tickman 304 plays 16p Image Quiz
Oligochaete Anatomy (Earthworm)
Oligochaete Anatomy (Earthworm) by tickman 610 plays 11p Image Quiz
Amphioxus (Lancelet)
Amphioxus (Lancelet) ECby tickman 1,937 plays 22p Image Quiz
Caenorhabditis elegans Anatomy
Caenorhabditis elegans Anatomy by tickman 107 plays 17p Image Quiz

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