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Angola ECby Geographonic 223 plays 42p Image Quiz
Angola Scenery
Angola Scenery by Geographonic 438 plays 9p Image Quiz
Angola conflict (1972 -2002)
Angola conflict (1972 -2002) by Geographonic 694 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Native Tribes of Angola
Native Tribes of Angola by tickman 162 plays 10p Image Quiz
Vegetation of Angola
Vegetation of Angola by tickman 144 plays 11p Image Quiz
Map of Flags: Africa
Map of Flags: Africa ECby Geographonic 3,802 plays 49p Shape Quiz
Neighbors Of Angola
Neighbors Of Angola by UP-AT123 336 plays 5p Image Quiz
Provinces of Angola
Provinces of Angola by tickman 361 plays 18p Image Quiz
Angola Infomation
Angola Infomation by WillowWoodland 102 plays 14p Image Quiz
Angola Flag
Angola Flag by Geographonic 671 plays 5p Shape Quiz
6 cities of Angola
6 cities of Angola by Medellin 232 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Sports venues in Angola
Sports venues in Angola by Bart-man 209 plays 4p Shape Quiz
YUNO In Angola: The Quiz
YUNO In Angola: The Quiz by orringteli77 371 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
Airports in Angola
Airports in Angola by Bart-man 229 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Reserve Life Years of Oil
Reserve Life Years of Oil by Geographonic 380 plays 24p Image Quiz
Cities of Angola
Cities of Angola by Geographonic 109 plays 9p Shape Quiz
National Symbols of Angola
National Symbols of Angola by ktreenbean13 146 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Great War of Africa
Great War of Africa ECby Geographonic 302 plays 32p Image Quiz
Coat of Arms (Emblem) of Angola
Coat of Arms (Emblem) of Angola by KENOR 55 plays 8p Image Quiz
Portuguese Empire
Portuguese Empire ECby Geographonic 353 plays 17p Image Quiz

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1 Medellin 1 of 22 100% 0:14.6 m. 22 Oct, '12
2 enigmamaker 1 of 22 75% 0:24.6 m. 5 Dec, '12

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