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This is a playlist of RonaldDerGrosse's games about people of the world.

Who Are These Famous People?
Who Are These Famous People? by RonaldDerGrosse 8,470 plays 25p Image Quiz
Place My Face
Place My Face by RonaldDerGrosse 111 plays 26p Image Quiz
France At The Crossroads of History
France At The Crossroads of History by RonaldDerGrosse 335 plays 18p Multiple-Choice
The Thirteen Apostles
The Thirteen Apostles by RonaldDerGrosse 213 plays 15p Image Quiz
Famous Russians
Famous Russians by RonaldDerGrosse 665 plays 18p Image Quiz
End of the Romanov Dynasty
End of the Romanov Dynasty by RonaldDerGrosse 478 plays 18p Image Quiz
Russian Romanov Dynasty
Russian Romanov Dynasty by RonaldDerGrosse 937 plays 18p Image Quiz
Famous Dutchmen
Famous Dutchmen by RonaldDerGrosse 493 plays 15p Image Quiz
Let George Do It
Let George Do It by RonaldDerGrosse 692 plays 25p Image Quiz
Famous French Personalities
Famous French Personalities by RonaldDerGrosse 1,071 plays 42p Image Quiz
Doctors of the Church
Doctors of the Church by RonaldDerGrosse 67 plays 33p Image Quiz
All About Rulers
All About Rulers by RonaldDerGrosse 64 plays 22p Multiple-Choice
Native Sons and Daughters
Native Sons and Daughters by RonaldDerGrosse 41 plays 39p Image Quiz
Here's Johnny
Here's Johnny by RonaldDerGrosse 81 plays 17p Shape Quiz
Case of the Bens
Case of the Bens by RonaldDerGrosse 185 plays 25p Image Quiz

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