Algebra 2

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Games I made for my Algebra 2 course

Exponent Graphs
Exponent Graphs by Math Whiz 76 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Basic Parent Functions
Basic Parent Functions by Math Whiz 830 plays 14p Image Quiz
Square Root Functions
Square Root Functions by Math Whiz 63 plays 4p Image Quiz
Transformation of Functions
Transformation of Functions by Math Whiz 1,152 plays 11p Matching Game
Evaluating Logarithms
Evaluating Logarithms by Math Whiz 316 plays 10p Matching Game
Parts of an Ellipse
Parts of an Ellipse by Math Whiz 283 plays 9p Image Quiz
Parts of a Hyperbola
Parts of a Hyperbola by Math Whiz 33 plays 10p Image Quiz
Conic Sections
Conic Sections by Math Whiz 35 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Parts of a Parabola
Parts of a Parabola by Math Whiz 70 plays 7p Image Quiz

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2 Geop. 9 of 9 99% 5:39.7 m. 16 Dec, '21
3 ptre 2 of 9 100% 0:29.8 m. 23 May, '20
4 22kneeley 1 of 9 100% 0:20.3 m. 2 Nov, '20

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