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Alcyone's Art games

Famous Renaissance Paintings
Famous Renaissance Paintings by Alcyone 5,954 plays 15p Image Quiz
Great Women in History
Great Women in History ECby Alcyone 5,268 plays 19p Image Quiz
Surrealism Paintings
Surrealism Paintings by Alcyone 2,582 plays 9p Image Quiz
Renaissance paintings
Renaissance paintings by Alcyone 1,582 plays 17p Image Quiz
Art-S by Alcyone 1,202 plays 9p Image Quiz
Art-M ECby Alcyone 937 plays 16p Image Quiz
Sculptors by Alcyone 821 plays 10p Image Quiz
Greek Sculpture
Greek Sculpture ECby Alcyone 1,272 plays 8p Image Quiz
Art-D by Alcyone 798 plays 11p Image Quiz
More Self-Portraits
More Self-Portraits by Alcyone 790 plays 12p Image Quiz
Art-I, J & K
Art-I, J & K by Alcyone 630 plays 13p Image Quiz
Art-L by Alcyone 622 plays 7p Image Quiz
Norwegian Art
Norwegian Art by Alcyone 588 plays 16p Image Quiz
Art-B by Alcyone 538 plays 11p Image Quiz
Art-T by Alcyone 559 plays 5p Image Quiz
Art -A
Art -A by Alcyone 490 plays 7p Image Quiz
Art-U & V
Art-U & V by Alcyone 434 plays 7p Image Quiz
Art-E & F
Art-E & F by Alcyone 405 plays 8p Image Quiz
Art-C by Alcyone 394 plays 8p Image Quiz
Art-N, O & P
Art-N, O & P by Alcyone 364 plays 11p Image Quiz
Art-R by Alcyone 359 plays 14p Image Quiz
Art-W & Z
Art-W & Z by Alcyone 358 plays 9p Image Quiz
Art-G by Alcyone 350 plays 11p Image Quiz
Art-H by Alcyone 305 plays 9p Image Quiz
Egyptian Sculpture
Egyptian Sculpture by Alcyone 336 plays 9p Image Quiz
Greek Origins of Olympics
Greek Origins of Olympics by Alcyone 464 plays 7p Shape Quiz
School of Athens part 1
School of Athens part 1 by Alcyone 189 plays 13p Image Quiz
School of Athens part 2
School of Athens part 2 by Alcyone 131 plays 7p Image Quiz
Oil Painters tools
Oil Painters tools by Alcyone 229 plays 11p Image Quiz
Drawing media, examples
Drawing media, examples by Alcyone 159 plays 8p Image Quiz
Graffiti in 10 Cities
Graffiti in 10 Cities by Alcyone 116 plays 10p Image Quiz
Street Artists
Street Artists by Alcyone 153 plays 19p Image Quiz
Drawing media
Drawing media by Alcyone 465 plays 9p Image Quiz
Painting media, examples
Painting media, examples by Alcyone 179 plays 4p Image Quiz
Elements of Art
Elements of Art ECby Alcyone 13,549 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Elements of Art: LINE
Elements of Art: LINE by Alcyone 507 plays 26p Shape Quiz

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Playlist Highscores (14 registered players)
1 Gabare 34 of 46 92% 20:45.6 m. 21 Feb, '17
2 Alcyone 20 of 46 100% 7:04.5 m. 11 Dec, '12
3 Vinko Tokić 18 of 46 100% 3:30.8 m. 30 Dec, '15
4 smellpepper 12 of 46 100% 5:16.5 m. 13 Jun, '16
5 lakris 5 of 46 100% 2:55.2 m. 8 Oct, '12
6 Milly 4 of 46 100% 1:24.0 m. 26 Apr, '13
7 Beatrix 3 of 46 76% 5:02.2 m. 6 Jan, '13
8 Meriadec 2 of 46 78% 1:47.4 m. 30 Apr, '20

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