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List of games to help you get your PG Lightning Badge.

Twenty Twenties
Twenty Twenties by CRAZY DAVE 744 plays 20p Image Quiz
Twenty One Stars
Twenty One Stars by CRAZY DAVE 670 plays 21p Image Quiz
Twenty Two
Twenty Two by CRAZY DAVE 576 plays 22p Image Quiz
Twenty Three
Twenty Three by CRAZY DAVE 578 plays 23p Image Quiz
Twenty Four
Twenty Four by CRAZY DAVE 850 plays 24p Image Quiz
Twenty Five
Twenty Five by CRAZY DAVE 345 plays 25p Image Quiz
Twenty Six
Twenty Six by CRAZY DAVE 396 plays 26p Image Quiz
Twenty Seven
Twenty Seven by CRAZY DAVE 393 plays 27p Image Quiz
Twenty Eight
Twenty Eight by CRAZY DAVE 337 plays 28p Image Quiz
Twenty Nine
Twenty Nine by CRAZY DAVE 352 plays 29p Image Quiz
Thirty by CRAZY DAVE 343 plays 30p Image Quiz
Thirty One
Thirty One by CRAZY DAVE 366 plays 31p Image Quiz
Thirty two
Thirty two by CRAZY DAVE 364 plays 32p Image Quiz
Thirty Three Stars
Thirty Three Stars by CRAZY DAVE 398 plays 33p Image Quiz
Thirty Four Stars
Thirty Four Stars by CRAZY DAVE 351 plays 34p Image Quiz
Thirty Five
Thirty Five by CRAZY DAVE 385 plays 35p Image Quiz
PG Lightning Game: Speed counting
PG Lightning Game: Speed counting ECby Grainbeer 68,201 plays 20p Shape Quiz
P.G Lightning
P.G Lightning by (?) 69 plays 20p Image Quiz
R U A Fast clicker???
R U A Fast clicker??? by vinnardagen 728 plays 38p Image Quiz
click!!! by vinnardagen 302 plays 44p Image Quiz
click as fast as you can
click as fast as you can by nathan7 261 plays 26p Image Quiz
Click 94
Click 94 by EmS94 201 plays 31p Image Quiz
Click As Fast As You Can
Click As Fast As You Can by soccerguyGSL 143 plays 30p Image Quiz
Hi by Bubbleleaf 27 plays 20p Text Game
ONe( by Brad McDermott 🔥 60 plays 0p Text Game
oNE.) by Brad McDermott 🔥 42 plays 0p Text Game
stuff by Brad McDermott 🔥 46 plays 0p Text Game
Free awnser is one
Free awnser is one by Brad McDermott 🔥 66 plays 20p Text Game
1 again :) grind points here
1 again :) grind points here by cardboard1234 43 plays 0p Type-the-Answer
OneE by Brad McDermott 🔥 44 plays 0p Text Game
THE ANSWER IS 1 GRIND HERE! by cardboard1234 26 plays 0p Type-the-Answer
Click me!!!
Click me!!! by Benjamin Benson 10 plays 37p Image Quiz

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Playlist Highscores (23 registered players)
1 audreymadeleine 31 of 32 100% 4:50.0 m. 3 Oct, '21
2 Alex Rahe 31 of 32 100% 8:10.0 m. 3 Oct, '21
3 Billybobjenkins73 30 of 32 100% 5:03.6 m. 3 Oct, '21
4 MR. MINION 29 of 32 100% 5:03.2 m. 3 Oct, '21
5 тхор ☭ 29 of 32 98% 8:46.2 m. 3 Oct, '21
6 PlαsmαPie 24 of 32 100% 3:26.0 m. 3 Oct, '21
7 hp24luver 23 of 32 100% 5:21.9 m. 3 Oct, '21
8 Geop. 23 of 32 100% 5:39.9 m. 3 Oct, '21

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