Unit 4 - Cell Communication and Cell Cycle - Playlist (AP)

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This is a playlist of games dedicated to helping you master the content of Unit 4 - Cell Communication and Cell Cycle in AP Bio.

Play each game repeatedly to help solidify knowledge and see how your scores (determined by speed and accuracy) stack up to other students within the class!

As long as you complete all games within the playlist before the due date described on Canvas for this assignment and have scored at least a 90% overall, you'll receive full credit for the assignment.

Endocrine Signaling
Endocrine Signaling by jajohnson 263 plays 5p Image Quiz
Epinephrine Signaling
Epinephrine Signaling by jajohnson 271 plays 10p Image Quiz
Endocrine System Loops and Hormones
Endocrine System Loops and Hormones by jajohnson 242 plays 27p Multiple-Choice
Stages of Mitosis
Stages of Mitosis by nerd 297,538 plays 6p Image Quiz
Cell Cycle Label Game
Cell Cycle Label Game by jajohnson 1,772 plays 15p Image Quiz
Cell Cycle (Challenging Version)
Cell Cycle (Challenging Version) by tickman 1,457 plays 12p Image Quiz
Cells Gone Wild
Cells Gone Wild by DHOLMBERG 637 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Diabetes Types
Diabetes Types by jajohnson 344 plays 10p Image Quiz
Organization of Eukaryotic DNA
Organization of Eukaryotic DNA by jajohnson 193 plays 12p Image Quiz
Cell Cycle Matching Terms
Cell Cycle Matching Terms by jajohnson 107 plays 13p Image Quiz
The Organization of Chromosomes
The Organization of Chromosomes by MrsDohm 818 plays 8p Image Quiz
Meiosis vs Mitosis
Meiosis vs Mitosis by berger_k 15,353 plays 11p Image Quiz

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4 Maggiegorman 13 of 13 100% 5:45.6 m. 23 Feb, '21
5 22vlin@crschools.us 13 of 13 100% 6:46.8 m. 23 Feb, '21
6 jajohnson 13 of 13 100% 8:00.5 m. 22 Feb, '21
7 Fiona Barnett-Cross 13 of 13 100% 8:25.3 m. 23 Feb, '21
8 22wdewolf@crschools.us 13 of 13 100% 10:04.8 m. 23 Feb, '21

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