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Medium difficulty games

Types of horse shoe
Types of horse shoe by Alexisthebest 229 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Horse hind limb conformation
Horse hind limb conformation by Alexisthebest 81 plays 12p Image Quiz
Horse foreleg conformation
Horse foreleg conformation by Alexisthebest 68 plays 18p Image Quiz
Horse leg conformation
Horse leg conformation by Alexisthebest 1,626 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Types of horse gag bit
Types of horse gag bit by Alexisthebest 106 plays 14p Shape Quiz
Types of hackamore horse bit
Types of hackamore horse bit by Alexisthebest 346 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Types of Pelham horse bit
Types of Pelham horse bit by Alexisthebest 116 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Types of Snaffle horse bit
Types of Snaffle horse bit by Alexisthebest 199 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Horse internal organs location
Horse internal organs location by Alexisthebest 194 plays 14p Shape Quiz
Poisonous plants - horses
Poisonous plants - horses ECby Alexisthebest 343 plays 19p Shape Quiz
Types of Horse bits
Types of Horse bits by Alexisthebest 4,205 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Points of the horse - shape quiz
Points of the horse - shape quiz by Alexisthebest 1,252 plays 37p Shape Quiz
Horse Dentition - MULTIPLE CHOICE
Horse Dentition - MULTIPLE CHOICE by Alexisthebest 424 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Horse colours - MATCHING GAME
Horse colours - MATCHING GAME by Alexisthebest 138 plays 16p Matching Game
Horse Bedding - MATCHING QUIZ
Horse Bedding - MATCHING QUIZ by Alexisthebest 314 plays 34p Text Game

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