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Playlist, 23rd of Oct 2018

Avain and exotic radiography
Avain and exotic radiography by GracynVH 14 plays 23p Multiple-Choice
Surgery Exam prep C
Surgery Exam prep C by GracynVH 11 plays 124p Multiple-Choice
Surgery Exam prep B
Surgery Exam prep B by GracynVH 12 plays 101p Multiple-Choice
Surgery Exam prep A
Surgery Exam prep A by GracynVH 27 plays 53p Multiple-Choice
Elongation and foreshortening
Elongation and foreshortening by GracynVH 17 plays 2p Image Quiz
Rad test 2
Rad test 2 by GracynVH 23 plays 56p Multiple-Choice
Radiography practice test 1
Radiography practice test 1 by GracynVH 86 plays 19p Multiple-Choice
Surgery exam prep D
Surgery exam prep D by GracynVH 6 plays 26p Multiple-Choice

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