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Games I have made that help you learn Spanish.

"el" or "la" | Masculine or Feminine? by OkieDokie 15 plays 16p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Masculine or Feminine Nouns
Spanish Masculine or Feminine Nouns by OkieDokie 145 plays 8p Multiple-Choice
Learn Spanish Verbs
Learn Spanish Verbs by OkieDokie 32 plays 10p Matching Game
Spanish -ar verbs | Who is the subject?
Spanish -ar verbs | Who is the subject? by OkieDokie 487 plays 8p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Family Tree
Spanish Family Tree by OkieDokie 120 plays 27p Text Game
Spanish Adjectives
Spanish Adjectives by OkieDokie 283 plays 15p Text Game
Spanish -Er Verbs | Who is the subject?
Spanish -Er Verbs | Who is the subject? by OkieDokie 368 plays 6p Multiple-Choice
Learn Spanish Verbs II
Learn Spanish Verbs II by OkieDokie 17 plays 12p Matching Game
Conjugating the Spanish Verb
Conjugating the Spanish Verb "Tener" by OkieDokie 5,437 plays 6p Multiple-Choice
Expressing Feelings in Spanish
Expressing Feelings in Spanish by OkieDokie 137 plays 10p Text Game
Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns
Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns by OkieDokie 2,236 plays 6p Text Game
Conjugating Irregular Spanish Verbs
Conjugating Irregular Spanish Verbs by OkieDokie 49 plays 5p Matching Game

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