8th Grade American History

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The Early Colonies
The Early Colonies by Math Whiz 851 plays 28p Multiple-Choice
The colonies pre-revolution
The colonies pre-revolution by Math Whiz 268 plays 26p Multiple-Choice
Revolutionary War
Revolutionary War by Math Whiz 301 plays 32p Multiple-Choice
Bill of rights
Bill of rights by Math Whiz 342 plays 10p Matching Game
The US- early years
The US- early years by Math Whiz 303 plays 32p Multiple-Choice
The Virginia Dynasty
The Virginia Dynasty by Math Whiz 443 plays 27p Multiple-Choice
Slave Trade
Slave Trade by Math Whiz 811 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Inventors (Industrial Revolution)
Inventors (Industrial Revolution) by Math Whiz 176 plays 9p Matching Game
Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War
Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War by Math Whiz 126 plays 17p Multiple-Choice
Pre Civil War
Pre Civil War by Math Whiz 295 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
England Becomes a World Power
England Becomes a World Power by Math Whiz 24 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Civil War and Reconstruction
Civil War and Reconstruction by Math Whiz 13 plays 28p Multiple-Choice
Civil War Battles
Civil War Battles by Math Whiz 31 plays 7p Matching Game

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