Dental anatomy Fall final 2020

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Playlist, 1st of Dec 2020

last anatomy quiz
last anatomy quiz by KallieJ 19 plays 27p Multiple-Choice
dental anatomy quiz 6?
dental anatomy quiz 6? by KallieJ 14 plays 39p Multiple-Choice
Dental Anatomy review
Dental Anatomy review by KallieJ 38 plays 72p Multiple-Choice
Canines and incisors
Canines and incisors by KallieJ 17 plays 18p Image Quiz
Terminology and tooth morphology
Terminology and tooth morphology by KallieJ 24 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
skull - inferior view
skull - inferior view by KallieJ 15 plays 16p Image Quiz
Mandibular premolars 1st vs 2nd
Mandibular premolars 1st vs 2nd by KallieJ 18 plays 7p Matching Game
Maxillary 1st vs 2nd premolars
Maxillary 1st vs 2nd premolars by KallieJ 20 plays 7p Matching Game
Maxillary/Mandibular molars
Maxillary/Mandibular molars by KallieJ 20 plays 26p Image Quiz

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1 Cassidy Rippentrop 5 of 9 87% 12:10.6 m. 4 Dec, '20
2 SarahZ 4 of 9 76% 18:25.5 m. 3 Dec, '20

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