Longest Lasting Games

The longest lasting games (most questions) on PurposeGames this week

The British Empireby Geographonic15
Counties of Hungary until 1919by Pannonicus20
Election Of 1992 (Bill Clinton)by UP-AT1231
Election Of 2000 (George W. Bush)by UP-AT1231
Election Of 1972 (Richard Nixon)by UP-AT1232
Election Of 1984 (Ronald Reagan)by UP-AT1239
Election Of 1956 (Dwight D. Eisenhower)by UP-AT1237
Election Of 1928 (Herbert Hoover)by UP-AT1231
Election Of 1904 (Theodore Roosevelt)by UP-AT1232
The French Colonial Empireby Pannonicus1
January 17 in Historyby tickman2
January 01 in Historyby tickman1
Left or right? - Easy versionby paulfunI2
World War II 1939-1945 European Theaterby RonaldDerGrosse3
January 19 in Historyby tickman1
African Former Namesby slaaty1
Provinces of the Roman Empire 116 ADby Niklas4
November 11 in Historyby tickman1
Colonial Africa 1914, Colonialistsby Niklas1
Colonial Africa 1914, Coloniesby Niklas36
Election Of 1860 (Abraham Lincoln)by UP-AT1231
Manned Apollo Missionsby famisamis40
January 05 in Historyby tickman1
all about Islamby Geographonic1
Chapter 18 French Revolution Reviewby gehenning1
Chapter 8 The High and Late Middle Ages Test Reviewby gehenning1
Chapter 13 The Renaissance and Reformationby gehenning3
January 15 in Historyby tickman3
January 13 in Historyby tickman3
The Ottoman Empireby tickman530
January 11 in Historyby tickman6
Guerrilla Movementsby Niklas2
January 18 in Historyby tickman2
British Empireby Niklas5
January 20 in Historyby tickman2
Cherokee Trail of Tearsby tickman1
January 07 in Historyby tickman1
Great War of Africaby Geographonic1
January 09 in Historyby tickman7
January 10 in Historyby tickman8