Longest Lasting Games

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Counties of Hungary until 1919by Pannonicus5
The Gettysburg Addressby makropulos1
Election Of 2008 (Barack Obama)by UP-AT1233
Election Of 1984 (Ronald Reagan)by UP-AT12314
Election Of 1956 (Dwight D. Eisenhower)by UP-AT12312
The French Colonial Empireby Pannonicus1
Imperium Romanumby Manuel Jose Diaz-Pac1
Election Of 1872 (Ulysses S. Grant)by UP-AT1231
Provinces of the Roman Empire 116 ADby Niklas7
Former World Capitalsby slaaty1
Historical regions of Franceby Pannonicus1
Crusader States 1190 ADby tickman7
Colonial Africa 1914, Colonialistsby Niklas3
Colonial Africa 1914, Coloniesby Niklas50
Election Of 1860 (Abraham Lincoln)by UP-AT1232
Manned Apollo Missionsby famisamis47
First Semester Map for World History.by Isd21351
October 29 in Historyby tickman1
October 12 in Historyby tickman7
Chapter 8 The High and Late Middle Ages Test Reviewby gehenning1
Chapter 18 French Revolution Reviewby gehenning1
Chapter 13 The Renaissance and Reformationby gehenning1
The Ottoman Empireby tickman446
Election Of 1848 (Zachary Taylor)by UP-AT1231
October 31 in Historyby tickman1
Provinces of France, 1789by Pannonicus1
The Erie Canalby tickman1
British Empireby Niklas7
October 10 in Historyby tickman2
Cherokee Trail of Tearsby tickman3
October 26 in Historyby tickman1
October 24 in Historyby tickman1
October 27 In Historyby tickman1
October 20 in Historyby tickman12
Cities of the Roman Empireby Niklas1
October 23 in Historyby tickman2
October 16 in Historyby tickman13
The Plymouth Colony 1620-1691by tickman1
Major battles and events of WW2by Thomsiboms598
The Seven Seas of Medieval Literature (And More!)by tickman1