Longest Lasting Games

The longest lasting games (most questions) on PurposeGames this week

Flags of the Worldby Geographonic18
Flags and Capitals Revisitedby Snavelaar2
Flags of the World 2012by Snavelaar38
Counties of Georgiaby slaaty2
So this is the whole world?by paulfunI1
Kansas Countiesby claire53952610
USA, States and their Capitalsby Niklas8
Capitals, Countries from A to Lby Niklas1
Iowa Countiesby tom51182
Världens länder (Swedish)by Oliver2
Tennessee Countiesby slaaty2
Ohio Countiesby zhenne2
Mississippi Countiesby slaaty14
Three letter countriesby paulfunI1
Countries of the Worldby Doffa6,816
Similar Flags of the Worldby mikekegger6
Counties of Wisconsinby rainbird9973
Pennsylvania Countiesby rmcclelland25
Florida Countiesby tom51188
The World in a Mirrorby johanb761
New York Countiesby slaaty11
Combined Geography 11 UKby Rumpleteazer3
California Countiesby Jackatrio1
Montana Countiesby ron tag30
World of Warcraft - Azeroth Map Quizby Luenichrissy1
Around the world of flagsby paulfunI372
West Virginia County Seatsby mirage4533116
West Virginia Counties Quizby Keepmov!nfwrd211
Combined Geography 19 Russiaby Rumpleteazer3
Combined Geography 20 Baltic Seaby Rumpleteazer13
Europe with Flagsby kristk4
Bodies Of Water: North Americaby upat1234
Capitals of Europeby Medellin2
Switzerland, Cantons and their Capitalsby Niklas9
All Countries of Europeby Geographonic2
Capital or Not: US States Part 3by tickman1
Europe Borderless (50 Cities of Europe)by equestenebrarum14
United States A-B-C's Hard Gameby RonaldDerGrosse49
50 states of United States of Americaby Geographonic107
50 Busiest U.S. Airports (By IATA Code)by EncoderDecode8