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Counties of Hungary until 1919by Pannonicus16
British Territories since the 17th Centuryby Niklas1
The French Colonial Empireby Pannonicus1
Provinces of the Byzantine Empireby Niklas1
Provinces of the Roman Empire 116 ADby Niklas10
Colonial Africa 1914, Colonialistsby Niklas1
Colonial Africa 1914, Coloniesby Niklas1
November 25 in Historyby tickman2
Manned Apollo Missionsby famisamis7
Chapter 8 The High and Late Middle Ages Test Reviewby gehenning1
Chapter 13 The Renaissance and Reformationby gehenning1
The Ottoman Empireby tickman82
British Empireby Niklas1
November 20 in Historyby tickman2
November 21 in Historyby tickman2
Cities of the Roman Empireby Niklas1
Major battles and events of WW2by Thomsiboms179
November 22 in Historyby tickman3
The Seven Seas of Medieval Literature (And More!)by tickman1
Europe in 1815by Pannonicus1
The Countries of Europe 998by Niklas1
Europe's Political status in 1937 by tassos1
The Countries of Europe 1648by Niklas1
Roman Britannia about 410by Niklas1
The Americas ca. 1750by Pannonicus1
Germany under Frederic Barbarossaby Pannonicus1
The Dutch Colonial Empireby Pannonicus1
November 24 in Historyby tickman2
Timeline of the History of Spainby Peto1
Europe in 1914by VTNate1
The U.S.A. in 1803by Pannonicus10
The 25 largest empires in historyby Wentu4
Places in Swedish Historyby Niklas1
African Civilizationsby tickman1
The Battle of Stalingradby MrT1
25 Explorersby Niklas1
Ancient Greeceby Thomsiboms2
Art in the medieval spanish christian kingdomsby Mr. Thick1
Dates that changed the World 20's - 60'sby keyzer13
Military Leadersby Niklas1