Longest Lasting Games

The longest lasting games (most questions) on PurposeGames right now

Flags of the Worldby Geographonic1
Flags and Capitals Revisitedby Snavelaar2
Sovereign-state flagsby kristk1
Världens länder (Swedish)by Oliver2
Montana Towns by MrONeil1
Countries of the Worldby Doffa435
Similar Flags of the Worldby mikekegger1
Around the world of flagsby paulfunI28
US States by First and Last Lettersby tickman1
Europe Borderless (50 Cities of Europe)by equestenebrarum1
The Countries of Africaby David1,162
State Abbreviationsby ham199734
United States A-B-C's Hard Gameby RonaldDerGrosse33
Currencies around the worldby paulfunI1
The Capitals of the USAby David166
The 50 States of the United States Labeling Interactiveby teacherrojas7
50 states of United States of Americaby Geographonic4
The States of the USAby David3,086
Name the States of the USAby David11
European Flag 2013by kristk1
The Capitals of Asiaby David30
50 Most Populous Cities in the USby Doffa445
The Capitals of Africaby David51
The Countries of Asiaby David612
Mindboggling Map of the United Statesby RonaldDerGrosse3
Popular Tourist Destinationsby equestenebrarum1
US States slightly confusingby Grainbeer2
US State Nicknamesby Niklas8
England's Ceremonial Countiesby Thomsiboms1
Prefectures of Japanby ladama5
Oceans and Seas of the Worldby Doffa9
Post WWI Europeby Jiveman2
Cities of South West Asiaby Doffa58
The Capitals of Europeby David229
The Countries of Europe Quizby David1,516
Mountain Ranges of the Worldby Doffa93
European Capitals by Countryby protejohnny1
Islands, Peninsulas and Seas of South East Asiaby Doffa1
Southern Europe by Flag, Capital and Countryby Dal1
40 Most Populous Cities of the Worldby Doffa4