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Flags of the World 2012by Snavelaar1
Illinois Countiesby tom51181
USA, States and their Capitalsby Niklas3
Iowa Countiesby tom51181
Ohio Countiesby zhenne2
Mississippi Countiesby slaaty13
Countries of the Worldby Doffa1,138
Florida Countiesby tom51181
Pennsylvania Countiesby rmcclelland2
New York Countiesby slaaty10
Combined Geography 10 North Americaby Rumpleteazer1
California Countiesby Jackatrio1
Around the world of flagsby paulfunI22
West Virginia Counties Quizby Keepmov!nfwrd2
Tectonic Quiz 2 - Significant Placesby captchew1
Bodies Of Water: North Americaby UP-AT1231
Combined Geography 12 Central Americaby Rumpleteazer3
Burma (Myanmar) in Three Mapsby tickman1
Switzerland, Cantons and their Capitalsby Niklas1
50 states of United States of Americaby Geographonic1
The Countries of Africaby David787
State Abbreviationsby ham199797
The States of the USAby David1,722
The 50 States of the United States Labeling Interactiveby teacherrojas35
Combined Geography 25 Southern Africaby Rumpleteazer2
United States A-B-C's Hard Gameby RonaldDerGrosse5
The States with Celebsby kristk1
The Capitals of the USAby David26
Name the States of the USAby David3
Europe Borderless (50 Cities of Europe)by equestenebrarum2
Municipalities in the Västra Götaland Region, Swedenby Niklas1
The Countries of Asiaby David712
The Capitals of Africaby David14
The Capitals of Asiaby David10
50 Most Populous Cities in the USby Doffa410
US State Nicknamesby Niklas2
England's Ceremonial Countiesby Thomsiboms24
Prefectures of Japanby ladama1
Combined Geography 23 Western Africaby Rumpleteazer2
Oceans and Seas of the Worldby Doffa9