Longest Lasting Games

The longest lasting games (most questions) on PurposeGames this month

European Monarchiesby emili1
Native American Tribesby monyy7
Eastern US Senators: 112th Congressby slaaty1
111th Congress: Junior Senatorsby slaaty1
European Heads of State as of June 2007by RonaldDerGrosse3
Famous freemasonsby Grainbeer1
US Presidents - Place the Name with the Dateby MisterSamsonite50
US Presidents - Place the Date with the Nameby MisterSamsonite24
The Presidents of the USAby mfjames9
U.S. Pesidentsby ktreenbean131
Famous Swedes, Tier 2by Niklas9
Famous Finnsby Niklas4
Famous Danesby Niklas4
Famous Norwegiansby Niklas5
PurposeGamer Silhouettesby Snavelaar2
Tintin characters - Advanced -as a shape gameby paulfunI2
World Leaders 2009by Doffa1
Dictatorsby Niklas1
Famous Swedes, Tier 1by Niklas15
World Leaders 2008by Doffa9
Famous Activistsby Alcyone1
Presidents of the U.S. (Modern Period)by Dal22
Where were they born? (USA)by Niklas8
World Leadersby Doffa12
Swedish Nobel Laureatesby Niklas1
Small facesby paulfunI9
Nobel Peace Prizeby Niklas1
Presidents of the U.S. (Early Period)by Dal18
World Leaders 2007by Doffa7
Small faces once againby paulfunI3
Famous Names: Siblingsby Rumpleteazer1
People Who Influenced the Worldby RonaldDerGrosse4
Famous Names: Husbands & Wivesby Rumpleteazer2
Famous Names: Fathers & Sonsby Rumpleteazer2
Purpose Gamers Anagramsby tickman1
Historical Figures: Albert Einsteinby Rumpleteazer7
Famous Names: Mothers & Daughtersby Rumpleteazer1
Famous Names: Mothers & Daughters (Hard Version)by Rumpleteazer1
Born in Canada or connected with Canadaby RonaldDerGrosse1