Longest Lasting Games

The longest lasting games (most questions) on PurposeGames this month

The British Empireby Geographonic1
Counties of Hungary until 1919by Pannonicus46
Election Of 2000 (George W. Bush)by UP-AT1231
Election Of 1984 (Ronald Reagan)by UP-AT12351
Election Of 1956 (Dwight D. Eisenhower)by UP-AT12345
The French Colonial Empireby Pannonicus2
The Presidents Broby zeratera131
July 20 in Historyby tickman8
United States Declaration of Independenceby Wentu5
January 01 in Historyby tickman1
World War II 1939-1945 European Theaterby RonaldDerGrosse3
Provinces of the Roman Empire 116 ADby Niklas69
August 15 in Historyby tickman5
Colonial Africa 1914, Colonialistsby Niklas11
Colonial Africa 1914, Coloniesby Niklas12
Manned Apollo Missionsby famisamis194
Asia 1200 ADby Niklas1
Chapter 8 The High and Late Middle Ages Test Reviewby gehenning1
Chapter 13 The Renaissance and Reformationby gehenning1
August 1 in Historyby tickman6
The Ottoman Empireby tickman2,908
Provinces of France, 1789by Pannonicus2
Oregon Country / Columbia Districtby tickman1
Cherokee Trail of Tearsby tickman1
British Empireby Niklas9
Famous European Battles (16th-18th centuries)by Pannonicus1
August 11 in Historyby tickman6
July 27 in Historyby tickman8
Historical Provinces of Sweden and Finlandby Niklas1
July 22 in Historyby tickman6
August 20 in Historyby tickman1
July 21 in Historyby tickman7
Cities of the Roman Empireby Niklas1
July 18 in Historyby tickman11
August 12 in Historyby tickman9
July 30 in Historyby tickman9
Medieval Citiesby geosoccer1
The Seven Seas of Medieval Literature (And More!)by tickman1
What Do You Know About WWIby RonaldDerGrosse1
August 7 in Historyby tickman10