Longest Lasting Games

The longest lasting games (most questions) on PurposeGames this month

Palestine in the Time of Jesusby jackyday1
Counties of Hungary until 1919by Pannonicus129
British Territories since the 17th Centuryby Niklas1
The Gettysburg Addressby makropulos11
Election Of 1988 (George H. W. Bush)by UP-AT1231
Election Of 2000 (George W. Bush)by UP-AT1232
Election Of 2008 (Barack Obama)by UP-AT1232
Election Of 1984 (Ronald Reagan)by UP-AT12358
Election Of 1956 (Dwight D. Eisenhower)by UP-AT12338
CSI Timeline (CIAby Sunny11
Election Of 1908 (William Howard Taft)by UP-AT1233
Election Of 1896 (William McKinley)by UP-AT1231
February 14 in Historyby tickman6
Hanseatic League, Citiesby Niklas1
declaration of independence signingby mattthgreat1
Reichsgaue of Grossdeutschland (Greater Germany) 1943by Niklas2
January 31 in Historyby tickman7
February 23 in HIstoryby tickman3
January 17 in Historyby tickman8
Crusader States 1135 ADby tickman30
Sherman's March to the Sea (Challenging Version)by tickman1
Election Of 1888 (Benjamin Harrison)by UP-AT1231
Election Of 1880 (James Garfield)by UP-AT1231
Election Of 1876 (Rutherford B. Hayes)by UP-AT1231
Civil War Map Gameby gage._.m1,136
Colonial Africaby Mr. Thick1
January 01 in Historyby tickman2
World War II 1939-1945 European Theaterby RonaldDerGrosse4
Massacresby emili4
February 8 in Historyby tickman7
January 19 in Historyby tickman12
Left or right? - Easy versionby paulfunI1
January 28 in Historyby tickman11
February 1 in Historyby tickman8
Former US Capitalsby Niklas1
Former World Capitalsby slaaty2
African Former Namesby slaaty2
Provinces of the Roman Empire 116 ADby Niklas60
April 10 in Historyby tickman1
August 15 in Historyby tickman1